Sleep is sweeter with linen from VivaCalze

Choose comfortable clothes to sleep

What sleepwear choose?Doctors in one voice say that the best female Leisure wear - made of natural fabrics, because the main task of bedroom set is to allow the body to relax, and the skin - to breathe freely.Fully compliant to these goals only underwear made of silk, muslin, linen, cotton, jersey.That is why you should choose everyday wear pajamas and shirts exclusively from natural fabrics.Materials such as synthetic or artificial silk, more suitable for special occasions - Leisure wear is possible to use, for example, to seduce a lover.Incidentally, the catalog online store VivaCalze can find many interesting models pajamas and shirts made of high quality materials for all occasions.

shirt or pajamas?

As for style and appearance, it is important that you selected underwear was cut free in order not to hamper the movements.For this purpose, perfect little nightgown length below the knee.Thanks to its cut, it ensures the normal circulation of blood and protect

s against overheating.Long pajama more appropriate for women who are afraid to freeze, and the short shorts and T-shirts - the perfect choice for active girls.Also, when buying sleepwear special attention should be paid to zone and cut leg.Pants must be wide enough and free, and elastic at the waist - hold well, but do not squeeze.Be sure to try on you like a bedroom set before buying.It is important to feel the touch of the fabric to the skin and choose the right size.

How to distinguish natural from artificial silk?

to distinguish natural from synthetic material is sufficient to carry out a small experiment for which you need a couple of matches, and the threads of linen.For example, the smell of burning and character can be recognized real silk.The smell of natural silk when burning will resemble "flavor" burnt hair or burning the horns, and the thread itself burn quickly and completely.But synthetic analogue will not burn, and will begin to melt, gradually turning into a ball, and the smell will be clearly chemical.You can distinguish the real silk and special brilliance: a careful examination of the tissue in the sun will be visible characteristic smooth fracture.