Fashion tights spring 2015: the most stylish female models

most fashionable tights Spring 2015: current models and colors

Recall that among the main trends of the season spring-summer 2015 - natural materials and natural colors.These trends are reflected in the fashion tights.

For starters, let's talk about the most relevant models for the early spring - warm tights.Last fall, they triumphantly returned to fashion in the new season continues to please fans of comfort and practicality.His second life kotonovye and woolen models gained through the use of modern materials and unusual textures.Especially popular are warm colored tights with original texture reminiscent of natural materials.Among the urgent tones can be distinguished colors like red, yellow, green, gray, khaki, blue, purple.Original and stylish will look and warm model with prints, such as imitating snakeskin or tweed fabric.

Yet another popular tights 2015 - subtle color models with a bright pattern.However, before you buy this model, please note that the thin colored tights with

a pattern difficult to properly combined with other article of clothing.In the new season, designers are advised to choose a colored tights to match the entire image.They should be in harmony with the rest of the clothes and only emphasizes the main color of the ensemble.But with proper combination of tights with a pattern become noticeable accent all of your image.

Even classic black tights this season designed to emphasize the brightness of his mistress.Stylists are advised to wear black tights, combined with red, blue, yellow and white clothes.But combining the classic black tights with a strict business dress or skirt, you'll also be in the trend.To complete this elegant look, use the accessories, for example, long gloves bright and stylish shoes.

Another fashion trend this season - lace.And it is relevant as a model of openwork weaving stockings and tights with a pattern imitating precious lace.

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What tights to choose spring 2015?

This spring, choosing tights, first of all pay attention to the quality of the material.Prefer kotonovym warm and woolen models with a mixture of synthetic threads.For example, look great on the foot pattern of a mixture of wool and microfiber.They also have a high strength and good thermal insulation.

Perfect legs: how to choose the right

Tights Tights are not only helping to complete the selected image, and responsible for our health.For this reason, the choice of tights should be treated seriously and thoroughly.From this article you will learn what criteria are important when buying pantyhose what Den and what density is preferred, as well as models of what materials will make your feet perfectly beautiful.

Nylon stockings for the spring season is to choose the maximum number of den.They not only help you create a stylish image, but also take care of your health.Therefore, postpone the purchase of openwork patterns to thorough potepleniya.Tsvetnye best to choose a model for the youth of images in the style of casual.A dark-colored tights - perfect for almost all activities, so they just have to be on your list of must-have this season.

From what to wear fashionable tights in spring 2015?

If you prefer to color models, keep in mind that this spring, designers are advised to choose a colored tights to match the main outfit.Their role - to shade the basic colors of the dress.Designers offer to wear colored tights with short trapeze dresses in the style of the 80s, voluminous skirts and strict coat.And by combining secluded warm colored tunic and tights, you can create a very delicate and feminine image.

Spring trend №1: what to wear colored tights spring 2015

Colored tights again broke into the fashion and become one of the main trends of spring 2015.From what to wear, these whimsical patterns and how to combine colored tights in the image?What colors and color will be the most popular in the spring of 2015?All these and much more you will learn from our helpful article.

Dense black models will be perfectly combined with the actual jersey dress and long pullover.They fit for the image with tweed shorts and leather skirt.Remember that such models of tights are not suitable for evening naryadov.A's thin fishnet patterns are a perfect complement to an evening dress.However, it is worth noting that more openly your outfit, the "modest" should be on the pattern tights.

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