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Allergies on the face of children

most common allergens

The most common allergens are foods.For example, eggs, cow's milk, citrus fruits, nuts, seafood, and others. Also, allergy on the face can occur in children because of the use of certain medications (sulfonamides, local anesthetics action, penicillin, sulfonamides, salicylates).It is also common allergens are pollen, dust mites, molds, dust, especially the seasons, insect bites, chemicals, pets.

main cause of allergy in children on the face is a weakened immune system.The most common allergic reactions on the face of kids appear due to the introduction of any new food product on the menu.If you notice that the baby was allergic to the face, then do not delay a visit to a dermatologist.In most cases, experts in such cases diagnosed - diathesis.You can not prevent worsening of the disease, or spots on the cheeks become bright red, diathesis may occur in other parts of the body.These lesions bring the kid a lot of anxiety.

Allergy Treatment Facial

treatment of this disease i

n children in such cases is directed at blocking allergens withdrawal irritation.More effective concerted treatment than just withdrawal symptoms.It is necessary to avoid contact with a particular allergen.Repeated exposure to an allergen on the child's body reaction can be much worse.

Several areas include the treatment of allergies in children.First of all, an expert appointed by a special diet.Diet therapy is appointed for each individual child.Simultaneously, the treatment of opportunistic diseases (often they are the cause of allergies).It is in most cases biliary dyskinesia, gastritis, intestinal dysbiosis.Also be sure to untreated skin on the face.

In the topical treatment of skin dermatologist or allergist prescribe therapeutic drugs that contribute to the removal of the allergic inflammation, the funds that are needed for skin care.If properly podobranny drugs, the further complications of allergies and the transition to a chronic form of the disease can be avoided.

Also use external resources, carried out simultaneously and the internal treatment of the disease.The fact that many of the ointments affect only the symptoms of allergy to the face.If you do not use the internal treatment, the disease will remain.If not properly treated, complications may occur.For example, pathological changes in the mucosa of the nasopharynx, bronchi, gastrointestinal tract.

also appoint specialist child allergy medications.Assigned they are strictly depending on the age of the child.Antihistamines are usually written down during the acute course of the disease.The doctor must keep strict control of the drugs.

doctor in the treatment of allergy on the face of children must appoint correction of concomitant disease of the gastrointestinal tract.If comorbidities can not be cured, then it can cause a recurrence of skin rashes.This is despite the fact that the wire proper skin care for the face and observe the diet.In the event of allergic reactions in children on the face, be sure to consult a specialist.

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