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Hepatitis C and Breastfeeding

child and breastfeeding

Normally, babies are born healthy.However, after the birth, during the 1.5 years of the baby in the blood can circulate antibodies to hepatitis C. However, it is absolutely no evidence that the newborn from the mother became infected.Yes, and the health of the little man closely watched by doctors.How to be feeding?When Hypatia Since breastfeeding is not prohibited.

studies German and Japanese scientists have shown that the genetic information of hepatitis C in breast milk has not been found.In another study, breast milk was investigated in 34 infected women, and glad that the result was the same.The results of studies of possible transmission of hepatitis C virus while feeding the baby breast milk is not confirmed.Moreover, the concentration of this form of genetic information hepatitis serum is much higher than in breast milk.So the evidence that breastfeeding is an additional risk to the newborn does not exist.Therefore, to give up breast-feeding is not recommended.It is

believed that the benefit to the child's body much more from breastfeeding than the risk of contracting hepatitis C virus

What is important to pay attention to breastfeeding

Mother care must be taken so that in the mouth of your baby is not formed aphthasand ulcers.After all, it can be dangerous for the child because the baby during breast-feeding may cause contamination.

infected women should pay special attention to the condition of his nipples.Various microtrauma nipples nursing mother and baby contact with her blood many times increase the risk of contracting hepatitis C. This is especially true in those cases, if a nursing mother is determined by viral load is high.In this case, breastfeeding must be temporarily discontinued.In women, the presence of antibodies to the virus, in which the child breastfed newborn infection rate is much higher than if the baby is bottle-fed.For these mothers there are specific guidelines that prohibit breastfeeding child.

infected or sick woman with hepatitis C should take all precautionary measures (listed above) to prevent transmission of the virus to the newborn.

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