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Runny nose in a child up to a year

Because of what appears runny nose in a child under one year

rhinitis in children - is a symptom of various viral infections (ARI), the respiratory tract, chronic and acute diseases of the immune system, the respiratory system.When the child has a cold include a runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing.In newborn infants, usually appears chronic and acute rhinitis.The cause of acute rhinitis in most cases is an infection and chronic rhinitis can occur for many reasons.

What complications can cause a child's runny nose

A child under one year cold can cause various complications.Because of this disease in a child can be observed weight loss, which occurs quite often.This is due to the fact that during feeding of the baby uncomfortable nasal congestion suckle and it does not receive sufficient nutrition.In the body of the baby's metabolism is quite intense, even after brief failure in feeding the baby loses weight, while his body is weakening.

also complication of the common cold in a child may be

different inflammatory diseases.It otitis media, sinusitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis.In more severe cases, inhalation of sputum contaminated with bacteria can develop a child's pneumonia that Chad is very dangerous.It may also occur with prolonged rhinitis such complication as the expression of the upper lip, the skin around the nose, the nasal mucosa.

How to treat a runny nose from a small child

When prolonged rhinitis sure to call the pediatrician.Especially if there are other complications.Call a doctor is needed, in addition to the common cold if the baby has a fever, it can cause severe and dangerous infection.If a baby has appeared inflamed throat or shortness of breath - the risk of pneumonia, and tonsillitis.The child may become loose, because if a bad cold, he refuses to eat.Also, you need to ask for help if the illness lasts more than 10 days.In the event of a child's runny nose after contact with a known allergen.If with a liquid secreted from the nose bleeds, it may be damaged vessels in the nose.Also, you need to call a doctor if appeared on the background of the common cold headaches, facial area, it can develop sinusitis.In the case of purulent discharge from the nose urgent treatment is necessary.It's a sign of bacterial infection.After examining your child, the doctor prescribe treatment, special for every occasion.

When uncomplicated colds your child you can help yourself, but first you need to consult a doctor.There are general guidelines with a cold in children.It is necessary to keep the moisture in the nose of the child, to prevent drying out.The temperature in the house should not exceed 22 degrees, to the mucus dried up.Also, humidity should be high.You can use a humidifier if it is not, then set up the house a large container of water.It is also well done, moist air in the bathroom and come back with the baby more often, after a certain period of time.Sopelki while liquefy and flow.Then you have to wash the baby's nose with water, add a drop of lemon oil.

good at a cold to warm the baby's nose.You can use this for a boiled egg, bags of heated salt or sand.Good warm nose using a special reflector lamps.The kid draws warm air in the nose warm, warming it inside.

A child with a cold can cause irritation near the nose, in the form of redness.When the baby's nose wiped, it gives him pain.This place should be lubricated irritated baby cream or a special ointment that the doctor will advise you.If you have had nose crusts can use oils: olive, peach, and others. It is very good in this case, "karotolin", when used scabs fall off.