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Childhood diseases of the penis in boys


In Greek, the term means "hidden eggs", that is located outside of the scrotum - in the abdominal cavity or inguinal canal.Usually, this disease occurs in premature boys, when the testes simply not have time to go down to the right place.This disease is very serious - it threatens to infertility, it is these bodies produce sperm.Hurry to the doctor with the childhood diseases of the penis in boys.


There are two solutions: conservative or operative.First, help the kid, of course, try without surgery.A good relaxing effect have fitovanny (as they do at home, the doctor will tell you), and procedures that directly holds a specialist (for example, kneading strained groin muscle, reduction of the testicles into the scrotum).All these measures are necessary to ensure that eggs finally snaps into place.Already one year old toddler, but nothing has changed?You may have to carry out the operation on the childhood diseases of the penis in boys.

During fetal development is sometimes

a violation of the outflow of fluid between the membranes fetal testes.It is called edema, or hydrocele.The disease can be not only innate, but acquired (much less).At older ages, disease causes inflammation, trauma of the scrotum.


first thing should be to make an accurate diagnosis.This helps the urologist special studies.The method is based on X-raying tissue.This study shows, is there, and how large an accumulation of fluid between the shells of the testicles.

Test results indicate a dropsy?Do not panic!If it is innate, then there's a chance to resolve years old herself.The main thing here - constant monitoring by a specialist, and ... thorough care.When you put on a diaper crumbs, making sure to rezinochki not clamped balls.With the acquisition of the disease often have to contend with medication (based on the state of health of the child, the doctor will prescribe them).

narrowing of the foreskin does not fully expose the head of the penis, called the physiologic phimosis to childhood diseases of the penis in boys.Often, this disease does not require special treatment.Suffice it while swimming effortlessly take the foreskin so that it is washed and developed.However, do not overdo it!Otherwise it may cause scar phimosis (the appearance of cracks on the head of the penis) and will have to operate.Gradually, with the growth of the baby, the external opening of the prepuce becomes wider, and the head is exposed more and more.But it happens that this process must be accelerated.Why is that?The reason is the same care!Rinse well with the area between the foreskin and the glans is very difficult.And no, even the best, means for bathing babies do not help.It collects grease - smegma, which gradually turns into a white grains.They make it difficult urination lead to infection.The cavity of the foreskin increases red (signs of inflammation), the baby cries when he walks in a little.Do not expect that everything will itself!We need urgent help!

special tool
doctor reveals the foreskin removes out of isolation and antiseptic solution processes.Then lubricates the head of anti-inflammatory ointment and closes the foreskin.Home treatment is to conduct baths with herbs (brew calendula, chamomile).


inflammation of the foreskin and the glans penis may be a consequence of cicatricial phimosis or develop on the background of poor personal hygiene, urethritis (inflammation of the urethra), cystitis (bladder infection), pyelonephritis (inflammation of the kidneys).The disease manifests itself a number of symptoms.There are swelling, redness, pus, pain in the foreskin.Hurry!The infection spreads!

special probe pediatric urologist creates conditions for outflow of accumulated pus, washed preputial cavity disinfectant.Most likely, the child will appoint antibiotics in the form of ointments, gels, that after a certain period of time will have to lay in preputial space.Follow all doctor's prescription.You'll see your boy will be easier, and it will recover quickly!

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