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Active child - a healthy baby

Today's kids are more fortunate.Today rickets treated differently.And rather quickly, efficiently and without unpleasant memories, like the children and their parents.

main thing - to find an experienced doctor to thoroughly examine the problem and begin treatment as soon as possible.

Why and why?

main cause of rickets in active child - healthy child is considered to be insufficient amount of vitamin D (without broken calcium and phosphorus metabolism).It comes from food, and is formed under the influence of ultraviolet rays.This is the standard version.But we should not ignore the other.For example, complicated delivery, toxemia, or preeclampsia her mother during pregnancy, tight swaddling a newborn with the weakening general immunity ... All of these factors influence the metabolism, and bone, muscle system of the child.The patient has the characteristic symptoms: threadbare hairs on his head, poor appetite, vomiting, intestinal cramps, wince during sleep, sweating (sour smell), decreased musc

le tone.All these signs point to the serious violations of the baby's health.He needs expert help!

one way out: D-vitamin!

When the doctor diagnosed in active child - healthy child rickets, many of its purpose can be predicted.Usually kiddies recommend calcium intake and preparations for the normalization of growth.Of course, not do without vitamin D. Calcium and phosphorus in the body or simply have not learned.Do you think that you manage to do without a doctor appointments, she'll go to the pharmacy and will acquire what you need?Do not do that!There are many forms of vitamins and species.You do not know what is best for your toddler, and in what dosage to give.Moreover vitamin D - toxic and causes an excessive amount of the poisoning organism.So in order to avoid trouble is not too lazy to consult a specialist.Depending on the severity of the disease, age crumbs doctor prescribes receiving from 2000 to 5000 ME (when running disease) of vitamin D per day for 30-40 days.

further dose is reduced to prophylactic - 400-500 ME daily.However, in the summer months when an important vitamin helps produce honey, dose of the drug is substantially reduced or even canceled it altogether.But here, all strictly individually!As, however, in the choice of drug.Oil, alcohol or an aqueous solution of vitamin D is needed baby - a doctor decides (infants typically recommend aqueous solution because it is rapidly absorbed and provides longer-lasting).D3, and Bg?Most likely, a specialist will appoint a more active, which is rapidly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and liver whose concentration in the above.

Surely you feed active child - a healthy baby feeding, because you know how important it is to have your milk.But it is good if you eat at the same time? .. You sit on a rigid diet - eating only soups and porridge, fearing cause crumbs allergic reaction?In vain!Both you and the baby receive less much!Expand your diet gradually, in small portions.

input menu of foods rich in calcium (cheese, milk, fermented baked milk, yogurt).He is so necessary skeletal system crumbs!


Bifosfor your body will take (and give the baby through breast milk) of oil-rich fish, egg yolk, cheese, butter, oatmeal, buckwheat, meat.It so happens that your toddler - bottle-?Nothing!He can help.Go to consult a nutritionist, pediatrician, tell me about the diagnosis, which put child and together choose a high-quality artificial nutrition.

Miracle bath

Since rickets affects the muscles and the nervous system of a baby, do not be surprised if the doctor will prescribe him water treatment (after 6 months).They perfectly relax, stimulate, improve blood circulation.Perhaps some time have to walk to the clinic (as spas), but knowing all the secrets, you will manage to carry them home.

only first asked about the nuances of your doctor.

Her appoint kiddies sluggish, inactive, apathetic.In 10 liters of water heated to 36 C, the solution was 2 tbsp.tablespoons of sea salt (you can use the special children).

check carefully whether remains at the bottom of the pan hard undissolved crystals (they might hurt a little).All right?You can take a swim!The first time is no more than 3-4 minutes.Then 5-6 minutes.The procedure has come to an end?

Do not rush immediately to wipe and bear a child out of the bathroom.First, rinse it with fresh water!Consider, salt baths spend every day and every other day!One course is 8-10 treatments, but if the doctor sees that they are not enough, in its sole discretion may add another 4-5 baths.

This bath helps excitable kid.Wash baby bath.Score of 10 liters (36.5 C).Add 1/2 tsp. Liquid natural pine extract (available at pharmacies).Thoroughly mix the water.The first treatment should last no more than seven minutes.Gradually increase the time.For a good effect is usually administered 12-15 baths for two weeks (of course, it is better to hold them in the evening).

Baths of decoction of herbs shows kids with sweating (when asleep pelenochka under the head wet with sweat).Take chamomile, oak bark, striped, plantain leaves.Mix equal quantities and Brew rate of 1 tbsp.Spoon mixture into a liter of water.10 of these procedures (the first no more than ten minutes) gives an excellent result!

And we live actively!

If birth to a child to engage in physical exercise, his immune system stronger, and he could defeat any disease (not to mention the rickets!).Ponders over what "sport" fit babies?There are lots of choices, and you choose the one that you prefer.Take baby yoga, dynamic exercises, sauna, pool (ionized water).Do your chubby little boy massage (warm up, stroking the back, foot, handle baby), spend time with him on fitball gymnastics, tempers ... And most importantly - as much as possible walk in the fresh air, because the sun is an excellent supplier of vitamin D.

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