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Caries - a serious disease of the teeth

Dentists conducted a comprehensive study of the state of your teeth and gums in children from large cities.His results indicate that dental caries is observed in 87% of 6-year old kids!

Why is this happening?
thing is that the kids are not too carefully brush your teeth, if not forget to do it, but happy to chew candy bars and popcorn, drink carbonated beverages with sugar.I must say that in recent times we all began to consume too much sweet, powdery and starchy foods.

Statistics show that 50% of preschool children eat candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and from 40 to 70% - between meals.But all of these chocolate bars, cookies, crackers, chips and bread rolls are a breeding ground for the bacteria that cause tooth decay.What else contributes to damage tooth enamel in children 5-6 years?

They are at that age
grow strongly: the first suitable physiological traction.They require vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus and fluorine.If the body does not get enough of them with food, water and medicines f

rom complex with vitamins and minerals, it borrows elements from missing teeth, which are particularly vulnerable to the caries - a serious disease of the teeth.For the prevention of this disease in some gardens, even handing out children's toothpaste with fluoride use enriched them milk and water, and children at risk of enamel coated with a protective varnish.

Explain to the child: every time he drinks juice or eating a sandwich in his mouth begin to breed germs.They feed on food particles clinging to teeth, gums and tongue, and multiply their ranks, forming a plaque on the enamel.If you do not brush your teeth or do it well enough, within 12-20 hours by microbes layers become thick enough to be felt when the baby holds his tongue over the teeth.

particularly intensive process of plaque formation is at the use of sweet, sticky and viscous food - fudge, cookies and chips.And in the course of life many bacteria produce acid, corrode tooth enamel.As a result, it formed a defect, or tooth decay.How black?The bacteria emit hydrogen sulfide, which gives such an effect.

Teach baby twice a day to take up the brush - after breakfast and dinner.Three minutes on the procedure for cleaning small clove is enough!Buy your child a fun brush crumbs with a sound signal: a familiar song from the popular cartoon sounds exactly 3 minutes.

Where are they - in terms of vigilance?

What you, Mommy, sight?And dad toddler?If it is poor, engage in the prevention of myopia now.

Spend chiseled massage once a day for 2-3 weeks.After this break for 10 days.

before exposure to the point you need to put your baby or sit.

warned him that at first will be a little frustrating.

Work with his index finger or thumb, making a rotational movement or slightly vibrating.Pressure - a moderate.

Begin to massage the points number 1 and 2. Then proceed to massage the left.Minute - each!

1. Hold the handle palm up, get the crease between the hand and forearm and from this place, measure up in the middle distance equal to 3 thumb widths.

2. Find behind the ear lobes bony prominences, and below them on the sides of the spine - dimples.Paired point on the neck at the same time to knead for 2-3 min.

3. Each pair of points located in the hole at the inner corner of the eye.

4. Under the lower eyelid in the middle of the bottom edge of the bone "window".

5. The dimples on the side of 0.5 cm from the outer corner of the eye.

6. The hole on the side of 0.5 cm from the outer edge of the eyebrow.

patties ahead!

child lags behind in weight and has a poor appetite? Perhaps it is the case that is to start dinner with dishes! Please let the kid cutlets with mashed, and then soup. We maloezhek after the first dishquickly get the feeling of satiety, and in second place in the stomach remains. Well, to begin a meal in this case it is just the third! Napo child for 10-15 minutes before eating fresh fruit or vegetable juice - it contains organic acids and essential oils haveProperty evoke the feeling of hunger.