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What to do when the baby worms

And all that can stop them enjoying a walk?After all, hardly anyone of adults in this moment think about the fact that the sand is dirty, but my mother is to turn away, be sure to pull the baby inquisitive fingers in his mouth.And there, and close to catching the worms.

It is very suspicious!

child can pick up worms not only in the sandbox, but also with food, gobbling unwashed strawberries from the garden, or under-roasted contaminated meat ... In the spring and summer, the risk of turning your body into a "dwelling place of the parasite" is much higher, becausemost of the day children spend outdoors.And the conditions for the worms, they say, greenhouse - parasite eggs can be quite long in the land in anticipation of "potential hosts."So what to do, it really does not walk or eat fruit?No of course.Just do not forget about safety precautions, which are discussed below.And before that, let's go through suspicious symptoms indicate that the body of the child has settled uninvited guests.

This is indicated by the following signs:

Abdominal pain (paroxysmal, in the area of ​​the navel), nausea, vomiting.

excessive salivation in the child, pale, dark circles under the eyes.

Lack of appetite (especially in the morning).

What to do when the baby worms - this question is given by every mother.Fatigue, irritability, disturbed sleep, and the creaking of the teeth during sleep (toxins produced as a result of vital activity of worms in the body irritate the nerve centers in the brain, causing seizures masticatory muscles).

Itching in the perineum and anus.Sometimes the worms cause inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract of the child and allergies (yes, cause allergies in children, especially the "incomprehensible" for no apparent reason and stubborn is not curable, can be, and parasites).In general blood test indicates the presence of worms increased level of eosinophils (blood cells responsible for the body's defense against the penetration of foreign agents).

Search and Destroy

course, some suspicion is not sufficient for diagnosis.Those abdominal pain or bruising under the eyes may be symptoms of many other diseases.Therefore, the symptoms of sickness in a child should see a doctor.Although doctors detect parasites even not so simple.The situation is aggravated by the fact that often their presence in the body generally asymptomatic.As a rule, in cases of suspected child worms sent for tests (fecal worm egg-).But in order to uninvited guests were detected, you need to follow some rules.Firstly, the necessary "right stuff" (Freshly), secondly, the analysis is not performed once, and 3-5 times (with the interval during the given cycle of worms and protozoa).And even with this approach, the result is not always true.Therefore, some pediatricians recommend, regardless of the analyzes carried out to the kid preventive courses twice a year.Current drugs against pinworms quite safe: non-toxic, act parasites locally in the gut.

What if the child found the worms?Do not engage in independent action and consult a doctor and follow his recommendations for treatment.Folk remedies such as carrot juice (30-50 ml per day), pumpkin seeds, garlic, walnuts, pomegranate, wild strawberry, can only be considered as aids to combat helminthiasis.

Do not treat
to helminthic invasion lightly.If the worms do not lead, they can cause a general intoxication of the organism and cause chronic gastrointestinal disease.Doctor will prescribe treatment.Partial recovery occurs at the first medication, but for the full treatment necessary to complete a full course, and in the future to repeat it (2-3 times at intervals of 2 weeks).By the way, if the helminths found in a child, it makes sense to undergo "treatment" to all members of the household - to avoid re-infection.Despite the gloom painted a picture is worth noting that a healthy body is able to overcome the parasites themselves.But he fights only if the child normally operate the internal organs, in particular the gastrointestinal tract.Today, alas, it is the exception rather than the rule.

5 health rules

not enough to cure the child from helminthic invasion and safely forget about the nightmare experiences, be on the lookout.To do this, is to adhere to the rules of prevention 5.

Wash fruits, vegetables and herbs under running water, especially those that the child will eat fresh.Do not allow him to eat dirty fruit.And the berries that grow close to the ground, you need to coddle them or cut with the rind.

Teach your baby the basics of personal hygiene: wash your hands as often as possible, not to take his fingers in his mouth, and so on. D.

Often changing bed (once a week) and underwear (daily) linen child.

Regularly wet cleaning in the house, you can, along with a small Neat.

twice a year to take preventive courses against worms.

Spring with exacerbation

It is believed that in the spring there is a tendency to an aggravation of existing diseases in humans.In part, this corresponds to reality.But sometimes in the spring begin to feel malaise and relatively healthy people.

cause of many of our health problems can be a parasitic infection.Parasitizing in our bodies and eating necessary for healthy living matter, worm deprives us of the necessary elements for a full life.In addition, the worms secrete toxic products of their livelihoods.These poisons are poisoning our bodies, causing allergic reactions, acute gastrointestinal disease and simple digestive disorders such as bloating, diarrhea or constipation.

worm gets into the human body in the form of larvae (from dirty hands, from the meat of infected animals and fish from the pet), and the master, develops into an adult.Due to the fact that the worm artfully disguises its presence under the symptoms of other diseases to identify and choose the treatment for it is quite difficult.In addition, every single kind of worms (and their more than 30 Russian!) Defined a special analysis.

is why was created anthelmintic drug broad spectrum of action.It is equally effective against all known types of worms in all stages of their development - from larvae to adult worm.Preventive treatment - is only three days (one tablet daily) - and we can be sure to meet the spring without parasites.