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Childhood diseases: description and treatment

Nuts and company

My year-old son loves dried pistachios, nuts, seeds, and figs.The day may consume 50 g of each of the products listed.I tried to replace them with something to limit the number and do not give.But should his son to see them, comes to tantrums.At the same time he has a great appetite, the child eats breakfast, lunch and dinner, sometimes asks supplements.Not harmful to his age these products?

Yulia I usually do not recommend children under fifteen years of such products, ieeven trying them not worth it!Not surprisingly, the baby goodies like a full-bodied taste.But if you give the child "the forbidden fruit", try it strictly dosed on the day the baby nuts or seeds can be eaten no more than fits in one of his fist. The fig - 1-2 pieces. Do not leave in a conspicuous place for your seductivebaby foods and do not eat at the kid that can overload his liver and pancreas.

Why not sleep, baby?

Recently son began to wake up several times a night and much to cry. To calm him down, we

have toto take hands and rocking, but it does not always help in the treatment. The help him at such moments, and why is this happening?

Unfortunately, you did not specify the age of the child and the nature of its food for children's diseases, the description and treatment not specified. At crumbs 3-4 months are often the cause of colic crying. Review your menu, check whether the baby is applied to the chest to give him massage the abdomen, use the vapor tube.Keep handy light antispasmodics (eg, candles Viburkol).Crumbs on artificial feeding pediatrician may recommend feeding 1-2 replaced with a mixture of therapeutic or beneficial microorganisms contain substances that facilitate the work of the intestine.After six months of life can cause anxiety night teething.Relieving symptoms can homeopathic remedies (Viburkol, Dentokind), pain gels and drops of gum (Dentol-baby, Bebident, Dentinox et al.).It is also possible psychological causes "night concerts" - a pipsqueak, learning new motor skills (eg, crawling), the day and night overexcited "discharged" hysterics.Provide your child the maximum body contact day: often wear on their hands, play together.At night, practice co-sleeping or install a cot close to her, to stroke, and comfort your baby on time, before he had time to "break up".

How rid of the smell?

my daughter 10 months. Our trouble unpleasant odoremanating from the baby's legs. The doctors say it's hereditary. My husband and I have the same problem, but it manifested itself, when we were already over 20. Is there any way to save the child from that, is there any way to treat?

Badthe smell of sweat, in fact, can be a congenital genetic characteristics of the organism, a radical fix that is difficult. However, it is important to remember a few simple things: personal hygiene, prefer socks and tights made of natural fibers, periodically do foot bath with a decoction of camomileand oak bark. I advise you to carefully examine the skin of the feet. If there are cracks, peeling, especially in the interdigital folds, - show her daughter a dermatologist, because fungal infections can also produce bad breath.And hand over complete blood count, urinalysis, and coprogram, it will help eliminate many of the problems in the internal organs, which sometimes lead to such trouble.

two mix - can you?

child 4 months, I feed my daughter with a mixture based on goat's milk.But at some point, the baby began to torment constipation.Advise treatment.I was advised from time to time to give the other a mixture of - and because of this temporary measure was really constipated.Can I use a mixture of two baby feeding time?

feed your baby at the same time the two mixtures - known and it is normal practice, but note that it has its own peculiarities.There are so-called therapeutic mixture, which possess certain properties and assigned for correction of certain disorders.For example, in your case (persistent constipation in a child spitting or other problems with the gastrointestinal tract), local pediatrician may prescribe a mixture enriched with lactulose and / or bifidus - and lactobacilli.In most cases such products are replaced 1-2 feedings per day.Manufacturer mixture (trade mark), the volume, frequency and route of administration of therapeutic foods that are right for your child, tell your pediatrician.

What's happening?

My child is 5 months, the girl is healthy, normally developing, is gaining weight well, but ... strange cries.It so happens that she starts crying and stops breathing (it seems that she took a breath and exhale can not do), the triangle in the mouth begins to turn blue, eyes wide open.In this state, my daughter stays 30 seconds, and then starts to cry again.

What happens to the baby?

you all described in detail, but any non-standard situation in the state and behavior of the child still requires a visit to a local pediatrician or a personal consultation with a doctor a certain specialization.How and with what faced you and your baby.Doctors call these state-affective respiratory paroxysms.You need to do cranial ultrasonography (ultrasound of the brain) and consult a neurologist.Such deviations may occur if pipsqueak suffered hypoxia during labor or if the appearance of a baby into the world was due to the increased load on the cervical spine (rapid delivery, cesarean section, cord entanglement, etc.).If my assumption would be correct for the treatment, I advise you to refer to the International Clinic of Rehabilitation.

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