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Physiological and healthy sleeping child

unique situation is that external influences are often not sufficient to wake the baby, but is enough to prevent the transition of the surface into a deep sleep.As a result, the child most of the night awake loosely (steep-turning, crying, capricious, etc.), but it poured, which is not of his parents.

this fix is ​​that mothers and fathers must be clearly aware of the factors that can interfere with children's sleep, and if possible eliminate these factors.

desire and unwillingness to sleep

Dream - a natural physiological needs.It is difficult to get to sleep one who does not want to sleep, but it's easy to lull already sleepy.Observant parents are well aware of warning signs that it is time to sleep yet (child sluggishness, moodiness, yawning, etc.).However, mum and dad are constantly stepping on the same rake, trying to put the child is not when the child really wants to sleep, and when they think sleep is necessary.


physiological need for

food dominates the physiological need for sleep.In other words, the hungry, sleep hard, but sweet sleep well-fed.The younger a child - so it is usually more relevant.For the first year of life feeding before night's sleep should be as hearty: the exclusively breastfed - sufficient duration and at a stage when initiated introduction of complementary foods, - the use of milk and cereal porridges.

Remember this mum and dad harmful gorge before bedtime, and child in the first year of life - very helpful.This is a guarantee of a healthy child sleep, the man sleeping peacefully when not only the child but also his parents.


cause of nighttime awakenings and difficulty falling asleep may be craving.Thirst occurs when there is a shortage of fluid in the body.The most common reason for this - overheat, Child (dry and warm in the room, the excess clothes in the baby).

healthy child, who is in optimal conditions, dopaivanii not need.But the presence of abnormal fluid loss, be sure to offer a drink.

state of matter

Numerous scientific studies have proven that the baby sleeps a lot worse if the mother's depression, excess negative emotions and fatigue.Take care of my mother is not less active than the child - the golden rule for the family.


pain, which interferes with the child to sleep - the real reason to see a doctor.But there are two situations, it is possible in the majority of children are capable badly battered nerves and sleepless nights to organize mothers and fathers.

1. Intestinal colic.Medical science has not yet know exactly why they occur.However, two factors clearly established provoking - it overfeeding and overheating.

2.Bol teething.Here it makes sense to use the special analgesic gels gums.


In simplified form, the discomfort - this is when it does not hurt, but it is unpleasant (uncomfortable).The most common cause of discomfort in young children may be indicated by the word "hot".

second most common cause of discomfort - skin irritation in the perineal region as a result of urination and (or) defecation.

Light, sound

children sleepin any light. In the dark or the twilight sleep tight. The presence of shadows - a phenomenon desirable, but not mandatory.

But what really affects sleep and bad influences - so it dramatically changes the level of light in the room.

With soundThe situation is almost the same. In the quiet to sleep well, but silence is not needed, and in most cases impossible. A sharp loud sound may wake anyone, but quiet human speech, soft music, peacefully working TV - healthy sleep is not a hindrance.

notaspire to darkness and silence. Do not extremism, whisper, walking on tiptoe and absolute darkness.And your child will learn to sleep in virtually any environment.


Increase (without extremism) of physical activity unequivocally contributes to the robust physiological and healthy baby sleep, so an active lifestyle (dynamic gymnastics, swimming, walking, etc.) definitely contributes to a healthy child sleep.

Limit emotional stress, especially in the evenings - in turn, is a factor that favorably affects sleep.


Children's room has no age specifics.Newborn and adolescent well the same.


- the optimum temperature - 18-20 C;

- better than 16 C than 22 C, but in any case not higher than 24 C;

- optimum humidity - 50-70%;

- regular airing, compulsory before going to bed;

- regular wet cleaning, very preferably at bedtime;

- best pajamas (diaper) warmer than the heater;

- in the nursery undesirable drives no dust - carpets, upholstered furniture, stuffed toys.


freezing child should not, under any circumstances.That warm clothing in conjunction with clean cool moist air child - a pledge of healthy sleep.


Everything can be perfect: warm, well fed, comfortable, quiet ... But how would the parents may try, no matter how wonderful conditions or they created their child a reason to wake up in the night and there will definitely,Unfortunately, more than once.For a child can not control urination and defecation, so 2-3 times during the night there prenepremenno discomfort - to sleep in wet diapers no one likes!

If your child has any any clothes, then, during the night, she is sure to become wet, so mom or dad necessarily have to wake up.

In the second half of the XX century appeared and were rapidly improved disposable diapers, can instantly neutralize the negative effect of urine and liquid feces on the delicate baby skin.It is thanks to the centuries-old dream of disposable diapers parents about a peaceful sleep for the night - come true.

Nevertheless, diapers diapers strife.One business day when there is no problem to change it at least every hour, and another thing - night.

to the night diaper
special requirements.Here and easy construction and tightness gums and reliability sticky and soft, soft, non-irritating materials, and, finally, quality adsorbent capable of supporting several urination.In other words, it is obvious that quality disposable diaper - an indispensable condition for a healthy baby and a healthy physiological sleeping child.