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Colds and other illnesses of the child

Sometimes the reasons are not only the weakness of the defense system.Immunity, of course, in matters of viruses and bacteria resistance value of the weight, but not the one they healthy people.And as a child - even more so.Most of our kids are born healthy and strong immune systems.But where then taken painful boys and girls who are afraid of drafts?Sometimes it is enough to look in the mirror to find the unwitting culprit.We are loving, caring, gentle, attentive parents are sometimes so anxious are baked about the health of his heirs that ... prevent them from being healthy.

Once cabbage, kale two

all starts with birth.Mom picks up her baby ... He's so small, defenseless and fragile.And around the brutal world wars, violence and open windows."But I - my mother thinks - can and should protect you!"And it protects!Hats, socks, scarves, unitard, and certainly over the blanket ... Sleep, my little one, sleep, my good, my mother take care of you!The child at first resists: naughty, worried covered p

otnichkoy, and then ... accustomed.And the whole life becomes Merzlyakov, vulnerable to any climate, at least for a little deviating from the "calm" of children, out of which it grew.

Why is this happening? newborn baby as a blank sheet, his body itself is bad is what is good and what is bad.And as the capacity for independent thermoregulation he has not yet completely formed, it is supercooled and quickly overheat, creating thus favorable conditions for the common cold and other illnesses of the child.However, he does not yet "beyond the limits", t. E. It is ready to adapt to any conditions, except, of course, extreme extremes.And in the early years of a child's life and these limits are set.In other words, if a child growing up in an atmosphere conducive to the natural hardening, it will be more secure and healthy than the kid, accustomed to always be dressed warmer than it should be.And "receive" painful children - those whose ability to adapt to the first years of life have been limited too warm clothing.

Worried that the child freezes? Breast kid (who is not yet walking), plus how to wear one more layer of clothing.And as someone who runs and jumps, it is better to dress better than you are dressed - because, unlike you, he will be worn like a wound.


main enemy of health - too comfortable temperature in the nursery.A typical situation - in the room + 24-26, vents are closed, the batteries warm, all stripped to the beach equipment, and child - tights and golf.

In fact, even if he no tights, 24 degrees for it - a luxury.Do you want the child to be healthy, aspire to 18, a maximum of 20.As often as possible ventilate the apartment and the batteries "disarm" humidifier.In the heating season, as well as in homes where a lot of carpets, old things and accordingly dust just can not breathe: low humidity leads to drying of the nasal mucosa, which in turn reduces their ability to resist the occupation of viruses and bacteria.

No, no, no!

not run - you fall!Do not stand in a draft - catch a cold!Do not drink cold - sick!All these odergivaniya and concerns of the good intentions just are counterproductive.The child understands one thing: the world is dangerous, just that it is not so - I'll be rooting.So, be cautious and begins to blow on the water.Do you want to protect the child from trouble - not stuffed his negative attitudes.The word "sick" acts as a call to action, accept it as an axiom.But you can say "be careful" and explain why.Do not frighten, but warn, advise and teach.And most importantly - allow the child to make mistakes and to adapt to life.Not the fact that he will turn out worse than you.Chances are even better.Because the child is still no list of chronic diseases, colds and other illnesses of the child, he is strong and powerful and the very nature takes care of his health.

Comfortably sick

only in our post-Soviet space with so much love ... are sores.What do with a sick child?His regret is surrounded by a lot of pleasant things - cartoons, lying in bed, tasty, and most importantly - mom and dad there and devotedly looking into his eyes, ready to fulfill any desire.So, think about what you are acting as "stimulate" the child to be ill for longer.All clear: the kid favorite, it is really a pity, and your will be - all the sores would assume.The more often parents feel guilty that the child is ill - say, overlooked.And you need to stop and think about the following.Firstly, the fact that children are ill - this is normal.Secondly, if we actively encourage a sick child - we will give him a disservice for life.How to proceed?We need to convey to the child that sick - it's boring, disgusting and uninteresting!Ill?Oh, how bad it is not on time, and would have been healthy, we would have gone to the circus (cinema, theater), go to the city, we would have gone for a walk.The child must learn;during illness life stops.Then, on a subconscious level, it will seek soon, get well, and ideally - do not get sick at all.

to your child did not cough

Despite the fact that winter is behind us, the probability of catching a cold is still quite large.It has not been canceled sudden spring cold snap, biting wind, heavy rain, and even snow April.Therefore

spring cough - a phenomenon that unfortunately more than usual compared to colds and other illnesses of the child.This symptom indicates that the bronchi "hid" the infection, and the body fights it.Formed as a result of this struggle is trying to get sputum.It copes with this task cough, phlegm from the bronchial tubes freeing and infection.Due to the fact that the child's body, weakened by last winter and transferred colds alone can not provide enough "quality" cough, children long and hard to cough and sputum not go.

specifically , to cough from the distressing symptoms passed in the productive outputting phlegm and accelerate the recovery, there Milistan cough syrup.It consists of two components that contribute to a productive cough - thins thick phlegm, without increasing its volume, and helps the child to cough.

Milistan cough syrup has a pleasant fruity taste and easy to dose - measuring spoon is already embedded in the package.Apply Milistan cough syrup can kiddies already from 1 month.

With Milistan cough syrup tasty and our children to get rid of the unpleasant symptoms and to plunge into a beautiful spring!