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Diseases of the nails and heels baby


nails change color, become cloudy, thickened, stratified, crumble, they were longitudinal grooves.


In diseases of the nails and the skin of heels baby feet dry, cracked, scaly and covered with white bloom.Then there are the bubbles that burst, causing a softening of the skin and severe itching.And in the first and in the second case it is onychomycosis (nail fungus and foot).

What to do?

Any disease nails and heels baby should be treated.Conduct research in the laboratory skin flakes or pieces of nail in order to select the medication.Causes of "mycelium" are usually in public places with humid and warm climates, where people walk barefoot: in baths, showers, gyms, swimming pools. The child does not necessarily go there - he can get from their parents, and evenAnonymous, there are in your home.

How to be treated?

In diseases of the nails and heels baby doctor will prescribe antifungal medications System (capsules, tablets) and preparations for external use (nail v

arnishes, adhesives, creams and ointments).

flat feet, clubfoot, and other pathology of the foot and heel. Because of this, changing the distribution of body weight on the foot and the nail is pressed into the soft tissue of the fingers, gradually grow into.

What to do?

If the ingrown nailIt makes itself felt only pain when walking, can help warm baths with antiseptic solutions. After their release the ingrown nail scissors of the nail plate, cut a sharp edge.The affected areas are treated with iodine.But if in pain when walking joining redness and swelling, and sometimes - and slight bleeding, surgery is needed.Children under 10 years do it under general anesthesia, the kids are older enough local anesthesia.


On the soles of the feet, on the heels or toes appear painful areas of skin filled with fluid.This corn.The reason for their appearance becomes tight, or, conversely, too loose shoes, socks straightened bad effect "compress" when the foot sweats excessively.

What to do?

can cut a hole in the plaster and pasted around the baby corn.


Diseases nails and heels baby need special treatment, so the child should wear comfortable wide shoes that fits tightly, not fidgeting on the leg.


on the feet appear flat formation with darkrough surface chapped skin. Sometimes, in the middle there are tiny black dots. This plantar warts.


Pathogen warts - the human papillomavirus (HPV). It enters the body through the micro-cracks, scratches and cuts. Warts themselvesharmless, but grow and cause the baby pain when walking.What to do?

Treatment of warts in the baby is not necessary, sooner or later they disappear.However, if the kid complains, it is necessary to take action.Remove warts special ointments, a surgeon's scalpel, liquid nitrogen, laser or electrocoagulation.Identify treatment should a doctor.

Any disease
baby should be treated, and for the professional treatment you will in any case need a good and qualified.Before calling for help in private clinics, make inquiries about what is really in the clinic there are good professionals who can heal, not harm your baby.

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