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Dynamic exercises for the youngest

Surely you had to watch as parents fearlessly throw, twist the baby's hands and feet, causing terror in others.Himself toddler squealing with delight, his whole appearance indicating that he had these flights are very popular.

What is it?Dynamic Gymnastics for the mladshih- this system exercises for babies.They come in and massage, and regular exercises, and exercises for vestibular baby.Unlike dynamic exercises for the youngest is more dynamics (movement), when compared to conventional complexes when the baby just lies, and adults do exercises with them yourself.Exercises dynamic exercises are held not in the room and in the air.This is it new meaning - work under its own weight crumbs.Now there are many options - from experimental to softer.When an adult begins to engage in dynamic exercises with the baby, he keeps it for the handle, then the legs, then a single handle in one leg, and vice versa.Movement produce shaking, inverting, rotation.Adult baby tosses and throws himself on the arm or shoulde

r.Kids in the vast majority enthusiastically accept such employment.Exercises dynamic gymnastics very easily kiddies due to a congenital high mobility of the joints.

advised supporters
most important thing - is that the dynamic exercises for the youngest is not aimed at sporting achievements.It focuses mainly on the fact that more parents talked with their child.They thus learn to better feel and understand his cute toddler.The first steps in the development of this method should be especially careful.You start with stroking, swaying baby.The following exercises do with the reflexes grudnichka.For example, we try to learn to walk, grab, crawl.The baby quickly develops all of these reflections, and thus strengthens his inner world.Proponents of this method believe that when engaged with the baby, he quite differently perceives everything and owns his own body better.Dynamic Gymnastics develops the speed of reaction, coordination.These kids are more physically developed, before starting to sit up, crawl and walk, than their peers.Best of all, if the development of the exercise will take place under the supervision of an experienced instructor, who sees the development of the skills of the baby.But above all, we must be sure that your baby is completely healthy and has no deviations from the norm.And remember that before the training be sure to consult a specialist.

Scientists against
attitude of official medicine to dynamic gymnastics ambiguous.As a means of treatment of the Ministry of Health it is not accepted.Dynamic gymnastics consider individual techniques, trends.Its disadvantage is that the education of parents are often involved people far from medicine.Many child psychologists also do not approve of these methods.There is evidence that children are a lot of "Dynamo" at an early age are more likely to be hyperactive kids.In addition, according to them, the child has to go the way of development, both mental and physical.The main advantage of the procedure according to doctors, is that, as a rule, it engaged with the kids by their parents.And our regular contact with the child is very important.

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