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Is sexual intercourse cystitis?

What is this disease?

acute or chronic cystitis - a violation of the vaginal microflora, as well as inflammation of the urethra and bladder.There he is due to non-compliance with personal hygiene or hypothermia.In addition, often the disease is provoked by such factors:

  • wearing strings
  • use tampons
  • having sex, not respecting the purity of the genitals
  • long abstinence from toilet

We say you can have sex with the sore bladder

first symptoms suggestive of early inflammation is unwelland a feeling of fullness of the bladder.When an act of urination patient feels incomplete and some nasty pain.The only way to temporarily relieve the suffering - a hot shower, which is somewhat dulls the pain.But, unfortunately, after a shower unbearable feeling back, without giving the patient not only to live a normal life, but sleep.

With timely treatment of the disease takes place within a week.If we ignore the pain and burning, you can get a chronic cystitis.To resolve this issue enough to take anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal drugs, daily linen chan

ge and wash with warm water.

If you have cystitis can I have sex?

Can cystitis have sex?

exact answer to this question can only give you your doctor, referring to the results of analyzes, inspection and, in some cases, and ultrasound studies.If this disease is not in an advanced stage, then it is likely you will be given the green light to conduct a sexual life.

But before you arrange a small intimate celebration is good to think: "Is it worth it?".It is so pleasant experience of two loving people can become a living hell for you, because soreness is not only will enjoy the process, but also increase.

also likely, your doctor will warn you about that intimacy can exacerbate the course of the disease.A minor infection, inscribed on the genitals can cause complications in the kidneys and reproductive organs.Therefore, during the treatment of cystitis is recommended to abstain from sexual intercourse, especially since these activities do not bring you nothing but discomfort.

Sex during cystitis and prevention of disease.

Besides prescription drugs, try to drink more water, eat more useful products containing vitamins.At this time, have to give up coffee, and hot spices, as the substances contained in them, the more irritating the urethra.

We hope this publication will help you determine whether a sexual act is needed in cystitis.If you follow the above guidelines, the disease quickly recede, and you'll forget it as a nightmare!