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How to get the thrill of sex: use all the senses

Touch .The pleasure of making love, not dotragivayasdrug to other mere mortals are not yet available.I hope you know how much of a difference from touching the tongue or hands of the same uchastkovtela?And, you can caress the partner's hair, feet and even eyelashes!

check how well you know her lover just vplane touch, how much he reacts to the touch of one or inoyerogennoy zone.Once having made for himself a solid "guide" for telupartnera, you get a great trump card in the game of love, and your favorite chelovekbudet delighted with how well you feel it.Do not hesitate, ischinovye driving means: for example, use a feather or a thin, nevesomyysharfik.No wonder the Eastern rulers ordered concubines paint brushes svoetelo lightest.And if your young man belongs to lyubitelyamchego harder?For such instances, too, invented raznoobraznyeprisposobleniya from soft elastic cuffs to pletochek - here every mozhetvybirat that fits him best, and that excites him more.

Smell .The girl should smell sweet!Of co

urse, tebesleduet know what a huge number of perfume fragrances nravitsyatvoemu fan, fueling his sexual fantasies and desire intensifies.

with modest bottle of perfume that you predpochitaeshispolzovat at work in the office, forget in a desk drawer.Home (read - vpostel) need to take a drop of provocative, seductive and volnuyuschegozapaha.It is applied in a hollow chest - instead of her nightgown.So did escheMerilin Monroe - and it was one of her secret weapon!

What if he prefers the freshness and natural flavor, and any foreign smell it annoying?Tightly shut the door to the bedroom, it did not penetrate to the flavors of the cuisine, what would be a tasty fish or chicken you byne fried for dinner.

way, your partner should not forget about the men "Aroma appeal" .Emu once to choose their suitable perfume?No problem, do we choose ipodarim!Besides, you will not have to puzzle over gifts to loved ones: a bottle of your favorite men's toilet water is always a good gift Love Enough celebration or holiday.

Taste .Experiments with this feeling give intimnymotnosheniyam unique charm and piquancy.It comes to mind an episode izkinohita "Nine and a half weeks": with what products are not only zabavlyalsyaglavny hero, spilling them or spreading on the skin of the heroine!And it looked ochensoblaznitelno and sexy.Try it and you will dilute your sex life iispolzovat something similar.

Whipped cream - perhaps the most common and proverennoevkusnoe experience in sex, but not the only one.All that you love ilitvoy partner can be brought into your love life - provided chtoeto not cause irritation or allergies.Pour a little honey or jelly lyubommeste his body very slowly Slizhov sweet mass.By the way, suschestvuyutspetsialnye oils and gels for intimate games whose taste varies from klubnichnogodo mint - who like more.Some are warming even when nihduyut, or vice versa - are cool and slightly tingling on kozhe.Osobenno such good edible lubricants for use with a blowjob: tvoypartner receive a portion of unforgettable experiences!

But we should not only get involved too loose ikroshaschimisya products.Having sex in crumbs - not the priyatnoeudovolstvie, although it may be someone and it seems piquant twist.

Hearing .What do you hear when you make love?Otdalennyyshum streets, the voices of children in the next room, muttering a TV or krikimolodezhi gathered at the entrance ... Even though these sounds do not disturb you, it hardly helps excitation.

best to create an atmosphere of love music.You're lishvybrat one that will support the appropriate emotional nastroy.Zhanry time can range from light romantic tunes when you chuvstvueshsebya pleasantly relaxed, to powerful, pulsating sounds of rock - if the soul zakipelaneobuzdannaya passion.Or try to tune that sounded at the time of your pervogosvidaniya ...

And, of course, your own voice .Can you talk vpredvkushenii proximity unhappy grouchy or aching tone? Most sexually unsatisfied women are turning to a partner imennotak.Whatever happens, do not repeat their mistakes.

directly during the act of love, the most pleasant thing that can be heard by your man - it's your satisfied moans.Not sderzhivaysebya!Nothing excites like gentle sobs feverish woman.But iakterstvovat not worth the bed of love - this is not the theater scene, naigrannosttut to nothing, only your real and sincere feelings.

Vision .Who sees your husband or boyfriend opened the door vspalnyu: asexual, gloomy, dissatisfied with life creature with a mask on his face wrapped in a shapeless robe or quivering fairy who just waited egoprihoda?Of course, to be a fairy, wish-fulfilling every day, dovolnozatrudnitelno.Still, the mask can be done in the bathroom, in secret otdomochadtsev, warm bathrobe lose more on the approaches to the bed and there zheostavit discontent and all the bad thoughts.

Intuition .Connect to the intimate feeling of the game is another -intuitsiyu.Come to seksuizobretatelno.Art proximity - one of the few areas of creation, available in almost everything and always.In this case, the basis for creativity stanetsotrudnichestvo.We share the partner innermost thoughts, observations, concerns.So you're not increased a hundredfold mutual enjoyment of intimnoyblizosti.Learn to create and absorb love all the senses!

To tell the truth, even the banal phrase "Let perenesemETO tomorrow?" You can say such a honeyed voice that the next dentvoy beloved hold in anticipation of heavenly bliss.Nesoydet smile on his face until the evening.That, when you turn into a fairy pleasing sight and smell, touch, hearing, and taste!

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