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The best ways to diversify oral sex

Girls who categorically do not like to do blowjob, among the stronger sex are considered poor and zakompleksovannymilyubovnitsami.But in fact it complexes become an obstacle to the ideal Naputi sex.But that's not all - some women nepoluchaetsya blow due to the fact that the partner does not tell how it emunravitsya and what his erotic fantasies in this regard.And so it turns out that a man receives from his beloved fast blow, which is always done one the same lines ... To avoid this "grayness" in the affairs of oral suschestvuyutspetsialnye methods and techniques that help make a variety of protsessmineta.

necessary to change the place ipozu

You probably do blowjob exclusively under the covers? So you have long time to think about changing the location and posture!For dobavleniyaoralnomu special piquancy blowjob sex can be practiced anywhere, gdevashi pranks do not fall under the gaze of others.For example, places such mozhetstat park, public toilet or fitting room.It podogreetstrast and very e


head down

At a time when your partner takes off clothes, lie on krovatv a position where the head is in a position where you would normally lezhatnogi.Legs at this point must be on the cushion.When a man fit kkrovati, the head should be lowered so that it hung in the air.For yagoditsyrukami clasp partner and take his penis in her mouth.

turns out that you deliver oralnoeudovolstvie man lying in that moment his head vniz.V this moment your partner controls the process itself, but you have the opportunity with the help of hands to guide him to slow or uskoritdvizheniya.This technique not only by sexy looks, but also provides vamvozmozhnost as far as possible to capture a member of and avoid the gag reflex.

Game testicles

With stimulation member hand caress his testicles tongue.As tolkovy feel that his orgasm is near, take the penis in her mouth to dovestidelo through.


You need to take the position that your blagovernyymog watching everything that happens.Not a bad option - to do this peredzerkalom.Spread his cock something sweet, but more importantly, that it does not bylolipkim.For example, the perfect yogurt or cream.Then proceeded leisurely and fun to lick this delicacy.Be lost emunepremenno that will be enjoyed by the blow.

Oral with beads

In this embodiment, suitable round beads that look like pearls nanit.With their help, you need to wrap a member of your partner.Nezhnorukoy start up and roll down the beads, and at this point the language laskaytegolovku.By the way, just this manner of old geisha dostavlyalimuzhchinam heavenly delight.

best posture chtobyraznoobrazit blowjob

Change familiar pose blowjob changes not only ostrotuoschuscheny from oral sex, but is one of the best sposobovraznoobrazit this process and deliver the new man pleasant.

Oral standing

woman kneels before a man standing ipristupaet to caress the penis and testicles.This posture is essential if strastzastala lovers suddenly.After a blowjob standing has its advantages: nadorazdevatsya not enough just to unbutton his pants, or just prispustitbryuki.With this position, the man can control himself glubinuproniknoveniya and pace using hand movements of the hips or back of the head partner.

True addition to the advantages this position has its own drawback: the man VTAK position is very difficult to relax because of what the process may be delayed.

Oral sitting

on the sofa or chair man should take udobnoepolozhenie.A woman at that moment must sit on the floor between his legs and nachatdelat blowjob.In this position the partner can comfortably "play" eggs pripomoschi language, hand stimulating member.

In this position, the man feels polnostyurasslablenym, and all the initiative comes from the woman.

oral therapy

man should lie on the bed, and the woman stand next of knee and begin to caress the scrotum and a member of the language.

where the main role of the woman - the man in svoyuochered completely relaxed.In etoypozitsii can begin to caress the neck, and then gradually go down to the stomach, apotom already a member.

Oral lying

Lying on the bed, the man spreads her legs shoulder-width apart, the woman lies down on his stomach between his legs and begins to perform oral sex.

man at this position is relaxed and passive, but onvidit making partner that is very much it gets.


Both partners lie on its side in such a way to litsozhenschiny was located between the legs of a man.

In this position the man can not only manage vsemprotsessom, but with his hand on the head of his partner, set the tempo, or zhepolnostyu relax, giving himself a female fantasy.

Three sekretastrastnogo blowjob

Focus on hands

At the time of oral sex is not necessary to never forget "ruchnoyrabote" becauseexcept for the penis in men there are many other erogenous zones.Mozhnopridat new experiences, while caressing the head and fingers stimuliruyayaichki and super sensitive prostate, as well as stroking the inside chastbeder and a little pat on the anus with your fingertip.Allowed legkoeproniknovenie and pressure on the anus, but it is worth carefully observe zaoschuscheniyami men.

deep kiss

Penis captured completely and swallow so that egogolovka was in the free part of the throat, as if in weightlessness - it vysshiypilotazh, which is very easy to learn to do blowjob passionate ikrasochnym.The main thing here - the training and combat reflexes.Initially sleduetrasslabit throat muscles and tongue, which should become heavy and myagkim.Pomestit penis in her mouth, and then do a little trick - zaglotnutnemnogo air, as if you yawn.This method will help to expand the throat.

much easier to control the depth of penetration from above.Opytnyedamy can roll over on his back, his head hanging off the bed.

rarest art reputed licking scrotum and sovershenieglotatelnyh movements, when the penis is completely over the entire depth enters the mouth.


truly incredible and new sensations will muzhchinetehnika, which has a ridiculous name of "cap."When it involve golovkuneobhodimo so that the mouth was no air, and her cheeks almost closed.Very, without weakening the vacuum is lifted golovuvverh so that member slipped out of his mouth, uttering at the same time the sound emitted izbutylki champagne cork - chpok!

way, the world laments the view that just such sounds atakzhe passionate breathing, smacking of lips and groans during oral seksavozbuzhdayut man much stronger than the process itself.