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Rimming: machinery, hygiene, contraindications, posture

interesuetsyarimmingom Who?

So many of this procedure is not transferred to the spirit and dazheslyshat about it do not want to, it makes them disgusted.If you are not a supporter of anal sex, rimming then certainly not for you.Noesli you like to have fun in oral sex, then you'll love rimming, eslikonechno, partner that performs a passive role, a supporter of hygiene.Eslihorosho wash the anus from inside and outside, it is, of course, stanetchistym.In this procedure, even has its plus unlike oral sex.Prikunilinguse or blowjob always appear allocation, which are, on the onehand, the result of excitation, on the other hand - some brezguyutetim.And this rimming neproiskhodit.

Despite this, the majority of couples who do not understand the need for chegoeto?Is it true that you can get from this pleasure and dazheorgazm?And whether at least kapelkuudovolstviya more active partner?

However, couples who consider this protseduruprivlekatelnoy divided into several groups and each of them pursues svoii

nteresy and goals.

  1. Those ktolyubit diversity. Such couples are always in search of "something tonovenkogo."It was they who first begin to visit strip bars, movies and read pokupayuteroticheskie kamasutru.Oni can not live without it.And rimming there are four types of application.Well, it is clear that estvariant when the passive role played by a girl, there is another way kogdaparen passive and another man a man and a woman with a girl.Because zaeto rimming considered universal.
  2. People with poor potency. To be precise, the man with the bad potentsiey.Zachastuyu they can not satisfy a woman in full and give eynaslazhdenie, so practice cunnilingus and anilingus also not remain aside privately.For such men in this netnichego shameful and unusual, they like to satisfy your partner.Less VTAK role is a woman.This occurs if, for whatever prichinamne suits her man, so it becomes a professional in vsyacheskihlaskah and does it as well as possible.
  3. people, of whom the anus - is an erogenous zone. Strangely a lot of people.But not everyone and not always nravyatsyalaski through language.Orgasm from such caresses get one.But some of it to bylprelyudiey rimming sex, especially for anal.
  4. People who want by any means to satisfy a partner .There are men and women who are willing to simply.
  5. Men who are prone to homosexuality. Kprimeru if they play a passive rol.Esli suddenly your partner suggests to you that you made him rimming, then most likely, it's just the beginning.Etimdelo not end - then he poprositvas buy a vibrator for anal sex.By the way it does not always mean that emunravyatsya men.Maybe he simply is erogennayazona anus.So do not razduvatskandal that will lead to the consequences, try to understand him or prostosdelayte pretend that all is well ... And

Health for rimming

If your pair you are acting as a passive partner, the vamobyazatelno need to take care of it.Firstly, it shows the respect ksvoemu man.Secondly, you do this should be interested.Eslianilingus make the girl, and she negligent attitude to hygiene, the bacteria mogutbyt moved into the vagina, and with this not to be trifled.Moreover usually partnerytseluyutsya, so if you are selfish, then think first about themselves.

washing process is actually very simple.You do not nuzhnoprimenyat nothing supernatural.All you need - this soap is better esliono be liquid.First paltsempromoyte inside the anus, and then outside.Do this 2 times navsyaky case, and of course, wash your genitals.

How priemlemrimming?

Everyone should decide for itself whether to allow sebetakie pranks.If your significant other "for", try.All zavisittolko only by the two of you.It is necessary, it is not necessary, do-do - none of you is undecided.What others will say, does it matter?Think about that for etomnikto not know, and the secret, hidden desire is always there at all.For example, some are willing to participate in group sex ... so desire rimming - it's flowers.

How bezopasenrimmming and whether there are contraindications?

Contraindications include: various types of infectious diseases that can be transmitted vprotsesse.In addition to the possibility of transferring etogoest sexually transmitted diseases.It seems to be no risk, yet if estranki partner in the mouth, it increases several raz.Poetomu do not do it with the first counter, be careful ksvoemu man, better to do it with a trusted person.

addition, hemorrhoids also considered a contraindication krimmingu.But pay attention to the disease and personal nastepen physical sensations of man.To start mozhnoprosto carefully try, and then draw conclusions and decide suitable dlyavas the procedure or not.

Technique rimming

rimming technique is quite simple.Your weapon - the language, that they proceed, naskolkofantazii enough.If your partner like any movement more than others, you will notice it and srazupochuvstvuete.We can say that this is the same cunnilingus, only much easier.You know why?Because there is no "hiding places - over" any person gets pleasure from it, libonet.

If suddenly you do not like the way onotnositsya hygiene, by all means tell him so, do not be shy.Do not say that he is a slob and slut and make emphasis on the intimate zone, explain that she has a special osnovnoeprednaznachenie and there should always be clean.That is why in this sluchaenuzhno carefully treat hygiene.

Suitable pose dlyarimminga

What posture also decide to pick yourself.It ochenindividualno, as well as sex.Dlyaaktivnogo partner Doggie Style suitable posture, but it can not ponravitsyapassivnomu, because it will not be able to relax.A goal rimming to podaritpartneru maximum pleasure, so the pose is better to choose such chtobpartner lying relaxed - not the back or stomach.

like minded partnerak rimming

If you are interested rimming then postaraytesmaksimalno prepare for this procedure partner.Alternatively, you can watch a movie with takimsyuzhetom or hint about this during cunnilingus.The most important thing - is to convince a partner that everything is clean and nothing wrong with that.

If you have expressed a desire to do it yourself man, then etogorazdo easier, but do not relax - not all agree to it.Start spenisa, scroll slowly in the testicles and prodolzhaytedalshe like that ... The main thing is not to frighten off a man ...