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12 obvious signs of male infidelity

1. you something intuitively.

suspicions that something was wrong, often the first sign for many women.Intuition is not something that you can explain logically, but not trust her - very stupid.Even if a man is super-konsperator and can skillfully "cover their tracks", intelligent and sensitive woman always realize that there is something wrong.Most often, a woman sees and observes changes in a partner on an unconscious level.It still depends on the period which a couple has lived together.Trust your intuition anyway.But do not take radical decisions only on the basis of assumptions!This is a big mistake!

Harmless explanations e: Simply put, your intuition can be developed enough.A lot of you are saying to each other?Maybe your man is just going through a stressful time?Hence, changes in behavior and t. D.?Sometimes you just need to talk heart to heart.

But frankly, guesses are right more often than false.If instinct tells you that you are deceiving - keep your eyes and ears open for some oth

er signs of infidelity.

2. It is extremely helpful.

His behavior: He spends more time on you than usual.In all trying to please.Maybe he buys gifts unexpectedly or suddenly begins to help look after the children, pets and mother-in.He may even begin to do something about the house: iron, wash or cook.Or suddenly he finishes the work which remained unfinished for several months.

harmless th explanations e: you experience repeated failures in recent years?Your man could decide just to support you.Perhaps he does not know how to do it differently.He's trying to give you back a good mood.Positive thinking plays an important role in the relationship.

Opinion charges: He feels guilty and wants to compensate for the fact that he has a relationship on the side.Such things are often at an early stage of betrayal.

3. He went into hiding and hide.

You may find that your man has an e-mail account, which you know nothing.Or perhaps he has two phones and you know only one number.Another common feature is the moment when he, responding to a call out of the room.Usually, it tells you that this is the work and begins to speak confusedly and indistinctly, when you are next to the phone.

Harmless explanations e: His boss asked him to really come on call.Or give him a job on the phone and he just does not want to complicate you with these business issues.

opinion accusing eniya: His mistress sends his intimate SMS-ki, or to e-mail messages while you are at home, and he's trying to hide them.

4. You stopped talking.

It's almost the opposite of the second point, when your partner suddenly become very interested in you.Maybe he stopped paying attention to you, he did not say "I love you" or even does not want to kiss or hug you.But the main thing - you stop to chat.He simply walks away from any conversation under any pretext.Or no.

harmless th explanations e: Maybe he's stressed or even suffering from depression?This can often explain the mood swings and lack of interest in life in general.And maybe he does not even understand that suffering.Be careful.This may be a more serious treason.

opinion accusing eniya: If it starts less interested in what you have done during the day and how you feel, it often means that it gets its emotional fix elsewhere.When the kissing stops in a relationship, it is often seen as a big warning sign.

5. It is hotter than ever in bed.

His behavior: your man suddenly begins to do something new and amazing in bed, hitting you with his sudden passion.This new technique can be a prelude, and may even be the new positions in sex, which you have not even heard before.

Harmless explanations e: He could see enough of anything of this opera on websites or find the same interesting tips about sex.Maybe he just wanted to diversity?In any case, it's a nice sign of something else.Do not rush to roll hysteria!Enjoy as it should, and then finds out the true reason.

opinion accusing eniya: If it happens more than once - perhaps someone teaches him the "lessons" in a different bed!He did not want to hit the dirt face - that fulfills the technique for you.

6. He became quickly irritated.

His behavior: When you ask him questions about his actions at work about his problems and plans - he begins to defend.Even if you're in anything he does not blame.It still annoying.He was tense, he does not want to discuss with you.It "translates arrow" at you at every opportunity and an awkward case.

Harmless explanations e: He may be planning to spend the holidays with you and prepare a romantic surprise.Therefore he does not want you to open it ahead of time.

opinion accusing eniya: He worries that you check it and uncover fraud.

7. Your friends have noticed that something was wrong.

It does not always mean that he did anything wrong, but often friends and family notice a change in the relationship between you and start asking questions.Sometimes the part of some noticeable things.This level of "face-to-face person can not see, poor seen from a distance."

Harmless explanations e: You are going through difficult times?Or, if you are inclined to be a bit "different", being in the company of strangers?Sometimes it explains everything.

Opinion charges: If the mother is not only begins to ask you questions, everything was all right between you, maybe it's time to stop and think.Especially if you do "this" is not noticed.It is not right!Something is clearly wrong.

8. He became a different person.

His behavior: your partner started with interest watch new TV programs, listen to new music, or even buy new clothes or a new aftershave?

Harmless explanations e: He may suffer from mid-life crisis and feel that it should "revive old" again.Or maybe, he opened a new website or online magazine that gives him new ideas.And in the end, may simply tastes change.So sometimes.

opinion accusing eniya: new woman often implicitly makes him experience new things (except, perhaps, sex).He is, by the way, is not always pleasant.

9. He accuses you of treason.

His behavior: It probably will plunge you into shock, but it can just suddenly ask, do you have another.Men tend to be more straightforward than women.In addition, there is the principle works: the main defense - the attack.

harmless th explanations e: Although statistics show that men cheat more than women, it does not mean that it will not have their own suspicions.If your relationship is going through a difficult period, it is not stupid suspicions - especially if you stopped talking to each other.

opinion accusing eniya: usually male suspect you of treason, because he believes that if he can do it, then you, too.Such is the psychology of liars.They are trying to justify the idea that tutte.Once your initial shock from the charge of treason to be held, it may be worth looking a little more closely, what he's up ?!

10. He later comes home.

His behavior: Even if the place of his actual work has not changed, it all starts to come back later.Or perhaps, he said, he went to the other, but later you find out that a friend was at the conference.

harmless th explanations e: work can bring more stress - perhaps someone left, leaving him more work than usual.In addition, it can be busy organizing some surprise, and he does not want you to know that he's up to.

opinion accusing eniya: As soon as someone starts to lie, it becomes harder and harder to maintain the law.Therefore, when small unexplained things begin to happen, or you notice are incompatible with the logic of things - there may be something not as innocent as it may seem.

11. He no longer takes you "out."

His behavior: Remember the days when you always went to visit mutual friends, were together invited for corporate parties or just go to the movies?Suddenly he stopped taking you with me.Under various pretexts, he began to avoid the publication together with you.

Harmless explanations e: Well, the economic crisis is not just a buzzword.Perhaps in his company really abolished any event, trying to save on everything.And friends suddenly had problems and they are not up to the guests.And go to the movies just once, and money, to be honest, I'm sorry.

opinion accusing eniya: If he stopped appearing in public with you, it may be, because he began to appear there with someone else.He fears, and does not want to create an awkward situation ... for him, obviously.

12. He began to take a shower more often than usual.

His behavior: course, personal hygiene person - this is important, but in his case it was extreme.He runs into the shower just crossed the threshold of the house.And after all-out "for" - rushing to the same.

Harmless explanations e: If he comes home drunk, he may try to hide it so.Shower good sobering.

opinion accusing eniya: He just wants to get rid of the smell of another woman's perfume.And, perhaps, to cool themselves after a stormy meeting.

And finally ... Remember!

None of these signs is not sufficient proof that your man may deceive you.But together they are often a very good indicator.What to do next - you decide, but at least you can talk to him, knowing that you have weighed all the signs of his infidelity.Do not avoid talking anyway.Living a lie - not the best way for each of you.Perhaps it's not so scary.Just take the first step - and let everything will be fine.

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