Relations // Love

How to behave in a relationship?

If you want to see next to a real man, then behave yourself like a real woman, not a man!There is a wise phrase: "People see that and are cultivating."Try to remember it.And then you will not attract men rags.

will see a man in his only good, it is good and become receive.You will seek daily in the negative side of it, then definitely see them.There are only a few elementary mistakes that women make love:

first error.Improperly selected male female
This initial error.A series of problems begins with it.Women, as a rule, prefer to choose a man mind, not the heart.Each seeks to make it fit the parameters and criteria.Some people only pay attention to appearance, others on financial solvency, needed a third business partner, and someone just a reliable friend.And just the thought of the beloved does not even arise!

How to solve the problem?It is necessary to turn off the mind and turn his heart.Think about how you feel with him whether there is happiness in a relationship?Do you feel loved?You have b
utterflies fluttered?Excellent!Talk only with your heart, do not listen to advice girlfriends.You can not sacrifice love for the sake of financial gain or some external attributes.

second error.Criticism and the desire to remake man
It is because of this mistake is made a lot of divorces, family collapse.This error make hundreds of thousands of women.After all, they are by nature given everything to decorate, remodel, improve.But to do it with a man is very dangerous, just can not.The man, choosing a woman committed to ensuring that its loved and accepted for who he is.This is the basic and most important criterion when choosing a men's women.

woman posing and problem when criticizing her husband, expressing their discontent.But it is much easier to ask for what you need.Try to come up with affection and ask him to sharpen knives.You will be amazed, but the knives in the house now always be sharp.The problem will go immediately.The family comes peace.

find yourself on the fact that once again there is a need to alter your husband?Stay.Douse yourself in this desire, and tell him of her love.Man on a subconscious level, clearly read the thoughts and mood of a loved one.And they themselves are trying to change for the better.He himself wants to justify your love.Always from the heart thank the man for support and assistance.Believe me, it gets better!

third error.Laying the male functions
¬ęThe strength of a woman in her weakness."This common phrase familiar to all long ago.And this is true.But women often behave as if they were men.Of course, they are not to blame.There were years when our grandmothers were forced to handle it that way.They pinned the man's deeds during the war, when there were no men.But after the war, it was courageous, because men live there are very few.Our mother has brought up in families with men, but also coped with everything on their own.

And to date women tend to be strong, independent, purposeful.Take responsibility for the decisions.But you have to show more female qualities, be soft.And it turns out that creating of themselves as "the general in a skirt", also complain that real men now gone, men are not the ones now gone.

Include your mind, coming to the house, if you're on the big boss.At home you - mother, wife, or just a woman.So feminine and behave yourself.Let masculinity manifests man.Most often ask him to help you.Let it produces mammoth, and you keep the house cozy and love.

fourth mistake.Excessive care or guardianship
Very often, after marrying his wife turns into a mother for her husband, takes care of him as a small child.The man quickly gets used to this concern, it's even easier to live with.But here lies the problem!He stops to see his wife in the woman loses interest in it.And some men, even a mother's attitude annoying.They begin to look for on the side of the woman and about her own care.They live so comfortably.

What's in this case?It's nothing.Let starts to care about yourself itself.Leave him alone.Of course, to care and more necessary, but not excessive.Men will find a way out of any situation, do not give them good advice.

fifth error.I live for her husband and children
Most women, meeting Mr Right, just try to forget about yourself.They are no longer interested in a previous life.They fully devote further life family.But this understanding of life leaves a balance between the main areas.Man must realize themselves in relationships, career, self-improvement, physical development, and so on.. But not just one thing.And a man will irritate the constant presence of women always and everywhere.It is necessary not only to give the man the opportunity to self-realization, but think about his, too.Everyone should have private time to chat with friends, to relax.

care for themselves.Remember that you are a beautiful and intelligent woman.A more engaged and not man.Do not feel sorry for myself neither time nor money.Allow yourself to connect with friends, do not forget about your internal state, include soft music.You love yourself more than others.You will see that the space around you become harmonious and loved ones - the happiest.

Try to understand that you are in a relationship you want to make?And you make it?What gets you to a man?Do you expect from him affection, attention and protection?And he gets away from you?Do not demand, but must give good care and love.In response to get the same thing, but many times more.Live in love and happiness!