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Code of the ideal lover

Who are they?

So immediately agree: single women iodinokogo men will not be considered.Sincetakihotnosheniyah in man - not a lover and boyfriend or future husband prostopartner.The main distinguishing feature of a lover - he is married.Anastoyaschaya mistress, as a rule, is a free woman.For in protivnomsluchae not clear that it can push into the arms of another man.Vynedovolny her husband and, therefore, decided to have a lover?This is not nashmetod.Husband, that does not satisfy you, you can a) change, b) change.A votizmenyat he still dishonest.

Another option: you - a free woman, but much zhelaetepomenyat their status.There is only one "but": all more or less podhodyaschiepredstaviteli stronger sex in range vashihchar and beauty - native gold ring on the ring finger of his right hand in the passport ishtampa page "marriage", and, accordingly, loving and with a delicious dinner zhduscheydomoythe wife (or perhaps even one or two children).Rumor himself "a couple of gentle" this is far from ideal

world inespravedlivosti that prevails in it, you want to charm one of these men sdalnim sight: let for the first time will be a lover, and then look istatus quo will be changed.And here it is necessary to stop, because the chances are that in the end everything will be exactly as you want and what vymechtaete, of course, there is, but the ratio is about one in a hundred!Ilizhe even thousands!Worth otmetitlyubopytnuyu pattern, which is based on a simple truth: the woman who is ready to wait sitting in the window when it is her favorite, and which lives on the altar kladetsvoyu shansik minimum, can not be perfect lyubovnitsey.I this did not argue.

In this case, all the hopes for the latter option - you are a free woman, not tending to the marriage ties, but against nebolshogokolichestva affection and love do not mind.And looking around, of men around you that you choose one that is least and owns all the properties of the preceding paragraph, but zheschedr, witty, good-looking and in his luggage has unspent zapasnezhnosti and love that can provide in your immediate use.Here you can safely congratulate both you and him!You have every opportunity to become a great lover, and he, accordingly, all sposobyskrasit gray everyday family holiday to communicate with you.It is for you isostavlen our code.On the basis of all the rules of the genre, it includes a right iobyazannosti.Learn - and for the cause!

right to work and rest

way, to work and rest, you'll organizovyvatiskhodya of their personal interests.Linger late at work or at home rabotatnochami flexible schedule, flying in the monthly business or provestinoch in the club with friends - vybiraytesami despite his plans.Firstly, it is to your schedule when it comes iuhodit without notice, are not checked.Second, believe me, he namnogobolshe begin to appreciate and respect you if he sees that you are not fixated on the unfashionable and your life has a lot of other hobbies and people.Third, bytidealnoy mistress did not mean to bring their interest in the victim.Lyubovnikiprihodyat and go, but you're at - one.Plus, you do not have to set the table egoprihodu (for this purpose he has a wife, mother-in-law, mother).Your busi- good conduct time with him.

Duty : unnecessary in his relationship with his wife to drive a wedge.In the end, this is it builds svoyuzhizn under strict supervision of her husband, and you are ready to etomune.Besides, you probably do not want your vstrechiprevraschalis in his long stories about family troubles?Pleased life ispokoyny husband - the best lover!

Right lover

Otherwise what is the meaning of life?He can not pay you dolzhnogovnimaniya?Out of this situation is very simple: Start another lover.Podumaytesami: your favorite does not store your loyalty - at least he was sleeping with his wife (says he does not do it? Cheating!).And why should you obuzdyvatsvoy natural temperament, small content?

Coming in turn two lovers are equal to one man and etoprovereno!

Duty : idealnayalyubovnitsa shall notify the first lover that planiruetobzavestis another.This should put the emphasis on his employment inehvatku attention with his hand on you.Begins to emerge - reminding him that ye not a husband and wife, and you had not one single.So chtopolitika a dual standard plan - it can be, and you do not have here quite neprokatyvaet.

turned and walked away - no regret.Just do not blame -The appreciated.

Right gifts

you that wants to give a man?Great!Here tolkone should not think that it imposes on you any obligations.Ivse still need to take those gifts from the man you if something mozhetevernut without much loss, ie,- Luxuries, and everything that has neneobhodimym, but a nice addition.Cakes, dresses, jewelry -Please.The money to pay the bills are not.In the worst case you're out of the mistress quickly become a kept woman.Remorse on "kusokhleba he pulls from the family" is to upstage.Mistress - dorogoeudovolstvie, and the man, that he decided to have a woman on the side, should umetobespechivat not only the family but also his mistress.

Duty : it is unnecessary to shift the problem to the lover of life.He wants to nail painting -molotok his hand, but saw him for it - the prerogative of the wife.

right to family

At some point you realize that you want zavestisemyu where faithful husband will you support and support, and the children - this radostyuzhizni.At this point, the time comes to tell her lover about his plans nabuduschee and remain good friends embark on a quest narrowed.Of course, you can look for a husband and lover, but we are honest women and the impact of this case will be sought for less.Offended, he has no right, becauseprovide vameto he can not.And to believe that he would divorce his wife, we all takinastoyatelno you do not advise!Men vmire lot lover and position next to a lady long nebyvaet empty!

Duty : eslion decides to terminate your relationship, do not hinder him.Maybe onosoznal that his wife - the same!With dignity thank him, keeping vpamyati best moments that you were.However, if you are around buditeidealnoy mistress, refer to this point is unlikely to have!

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