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How to behave after the first night of love?

If you prosnulaspervaya

not budisrazu the elect, that he gains strength.At night he navernyakavylozhilsya a hundred and he needs rest.If you urgently need to leave the neshume, gently pull yourself together and go away, because if you start to wake him up, then mozheshuslyshat not the most pleasant words such as "the main shut the door behind him."Aesli you go quietly, then he will not be angry and offended, but rather budetzhdat when you meet again.

If you do not have to run anywhere, togdasleduet remember some things.Do not fly headlong into the bathroom, chtobyispravit your make-up remover, lipstick and eye wear and make bouffant.Vseravno someday you will have to show his true colors.You can prostoslegka comb hair, freshen up and put himself in order.

nadonachinat not clean the first morning, and that your man may have rassmotretzabotlivuyu hostess and misunderstood.No need to go to the kitchen igotovit him breakfast.You are not so close.

While he sleeps, you can consider it poluchshe.

Ya not saying that you met yesterday, but you can still uvidetgorazdo more when it is in sleep state.Try to mention only egodostoinstva not notice the shortcomings.If you still want him prodolzhatotnosheniya, then climb back into bed and wait until he wakes up, delayavid that will not stand up.When he wakes up and sees you such a beautiful vego arms, then you get up from bed, you will not soon.

If he pervymprosnulsya

He starts to kiss you?Not vzdumayotvorachivatsya, though you do not brush your teeth.Surely you had not first and onznaet looks like the girl in the morning.If you immediately run away to the bathroom, then you will understand onnepravilno, think what you greetings.Do not insist on zavtrake.Pust he thinks about it, unless of course, you're at his house.Well, if he did not toropitsyapozabotitsya about it, then think about whether you need a nevnimatelnyymuzhchina general.You can make breakfast together, it's so romantic.

not need a lot of demand from him, he can nerasschityvaet for a serious relationship.If you're going to come up with the names of the children for the first time the morning, do not hope that he will call back.

Do not worry, if something at first utropoydet not.It's just a chance to repeat and correct.

Very often one feels in the morning nekuyunelovkost.It's nothing to worry about.After all, you went up a notch in vashihotnosheniyah, and neither you nor he did not have time to get used to.Just no one knows with chegonachat like the first time I saw.Just tell him: "Good morning" iiskrenne smile.If at night you all very much, then tell him obetom.If the "so-so", as happens often, then do not say anything and dalsheulybaysya let correct its own mistakes.Do not pester him srassprosami as he in bed?Do not force him to lie.If he vseponravitsya, he says, and so it is, if he wants.Talk about plans nasegodnyashny day.Try it hint that today you have a lot of work, but if it is too much to insist that promised to think.

tepersmotrite And when he woke up and no affection from him "does not smell" and ontolko slaps you on the ass, and said, "Well, chtokroshka!Let's make me a blowjob! "Then do not hesitate to gather their belongings and flee from there, well, you Aesli at home, then chase it into a three neck.She slept with him you, and vcherashnyayatekila and whiskey.

And the biggest problem in the morning -nepriyatny breath.What to do?Tselovatsya- would be desirable.If at first vypoydete brush your teeth, and then he'll be in the morning without the romance.Just cook the mints on tumbochke.Esli no candy, then go to the bathroom alone and beat it somehow.