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Hormonal changes in girls at age 10

Hormonal changes

So, as hormonal changes in girls at 10 years, in this period, there are significant changes in the functioning of the body.For example, the ovaries girls perebutantny period (this period, the first phase which starts at 10-13 years of age and is caused by the formation of daily cycles and increased production of estrogen by the ovaries) for continuously aimed at the selection in a small amount of estrogen, which production is regulatedaid hypothalamus (a part of the brain).This is according to the "feedback" and allows you to support the concentration of the hormone on a specific and constant level.But at the time of the restructuring of the body and puberty changes "adjustment" of the hypothalamus and in this regard there is a significant increase in the synthesis of estrogen by the ovaries, leading to increased concentration of this hormone in the blood.In connection with this process, some girls may significantly add to change the total body weight.

During this period, hormonal

changes occur not only at the level of increase in the amount of estrogen that circulates in the bloodstream, but with time there is a change amount of progesterone, which is synthesized by the ovaries at the time after ovulation.All of these changes significantly affect the body systems most girls and accordingly lead to different physiological transformations.

Those girls who are 10 years of age have low body fat, often lag behind their peers with respect to the period of puberty.Primarily, this is because the amount of fat present in the body girls directly correlated with the production of hormones.

way, hormones are usually associated with the male sex - androgens and small amounts of testosterone are also typical for the body girls, only they are present in it in very small clusters.These hormones perform many meaningful functions.For instance, they are responsible for general growth of body hair.

Hormonal jumps and increase their level in the body at the time of the sexual girl formation may be due to a variety of changes in the emotional state of a teenager, for example, emotional volatility, frequent changes of mood, constant feeling of anxiety and alarm.

hormonal surges and physical changes

In the first stage of puberty begins rapid growth of ovarian and other internal reproductive organs.Erogenous produced, at this moment are gaining a peak soy activity.

Begins influence of body fat on pubertal changes: girls bodied puberty occurs considerably earlier, while the skinny girls with low birth weight are observed delay the physiological changes in the body.

As a result, increase the level of hormones in the body, the girl begins to take on feminine shapes: increased breast, lowers his voice, begin to appear pubic hair.This process is called the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics.After that comes a significant acceleration of growth, which stimulates the growth of the degree of sex hormones, growth hormone and another element, which is called insulin-like growth factor I. As precisely for this reason that in the period from 10 to 12 years, girls have a growth much higher than theirMale peers, and in fact all the fault of the active hormone surge that accompanies almost all the girls during puberty.

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