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Infant and TV

Researchers impact on the development of an organism TV coverage is recommended to allocate a separate room for the child to watch TV while watching the TV should not interfere with the time that was allotted for communication.

Most psychologists, teachers, doctors recommend the "communication" of an infant and the older children with a TV reduced to zero, and it is better to take a child exercises necessary for the upbringing and development of a mature personality: it can be housework, sports, walks together, readingsinging, needlework (any available palette of the great and small affairs of children's creativity).


Every TV produces radioactive radiation to which the most susceptible young children and adolescents who are already exposed to this radiation of various diseases, so the kids especially need to be isolated from the TV.

German psychologist, talking about research, confirmed that the television radiation detrimental effect on a living organism - small birds, small aquarium f

ish, mice that are close to the TV, quickly die.Especially the sound that comes from TV, also affects the living organism.

Effect on vision

During the first 4 years of a child under natural conditions develop space-spatial vision and visual acuity.By this age, the child has not yet formed a fine motor that controls the eye muscles, and which is necessary for purposeful scanning the field of vision.

speed broadcast detrimental to the human eye, especially if it is a small child, whose visual system is still emerging.

As the experiments of psychologists and physicians, the human eye while watching television programs is subject to the stationary machine gun fire, light still images.

What happens to a young child who is not yet one year, which is near with the TV, but does not look it?In this case, the child's eyes see quickly replaced frames eye tire quickly, because they do not have time to perceive and process the information.The baby does not sit in one place, it is constantly in motion, so we can not always control at some distance from the TV it is.Therefore, unlike adults who sit in front of the TV at the same place, the children receive more radiation.

Effect on the psyche

child's psyche can be compared with a delicate, fragile and beautiful flower.The size and weight of the brain of the newborn is about 25% of the adult brain.When a child is a year of its weight and size of the brain is 50% of adult and 75% of adults already in the second year of life.

After the birth during the first months of a child's motor and sensory areas of the brain are developing quite rapidly.And if at an early age to take an active little kid activities, it is likely that some neural connections are not formed and the volume of the brain in this case will be 25% less.Today's TV

human world offers plenty of exciting, vivid impressions deposited in the subconscious, as an adult, and the child's body.

today on television soap operas do not go, pop music, horror movies, TV series about gangsters, talk shows, films about love.If we talk about an adult, he can and knows how to filter what is happening, however, his subconscious is influenced by commercials, image films.The child is, what is happening on television settles deep in the subconscious, because he still does not know how to filter what is happening.

Not recommended also that the baby was sleeping when the TV.