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What to give to the agate wedding?

agate - a semiprecious stone.It is used in creating the different ornaments and divination.The fact that in its depths hiding something truly mystical.Peering inside, you can see a variety of images.Therefore, the couple can look into the stone and tell what they saw.If their images coincide, then they have reached this understanding.

Features agate stone and how it affects the destiny of man.

But back to the present, it's the first thing people think of his wife and their loved ones.What to give to the agate wedding?

Gifts for the wedding agate

best if your gifts will be associated with this wonderful stone.Besides, today you can find a lot of different gizmos from it.

Gifts for agate wedding woman

Probably the best gift for a woman to be jewelry, but in this case diamonds and agate.They are stylish and perfectly underline the unfading beauty.You can donate:

  • Beads of agate
  • Monists
  • Earrings Bracelet
  • barrettes
  • Ring

A few tips on what to give agate wedding wife.

agate wedding Gifts for men Men

best to present the beautiful cufflinks.If he smokes, you can present cigar box made

of agate.A good designer will present frame with splashes of agate.It is possible to place a family photograph that will always be in sight to delight the eye.

It is important to remember that the agate has a special effect on a person.It perfectly removes negative emotions, and even sharpens intuition.Therefore, your gift can become even a mascot.

Cufflinks decorated with agate are a great gift for the holiday for men.

gifts to the couple agate wedding?

say that agate wedding celebration is better not to do magnificent.It is enough to gather at the same table with the closest relatives and friends.So you'll have a great company, and the holiday really unite and give each imbued with this romantic event.

What to bring as a gift to the agate wedding?

perfect gift would be something symbolizing unity.For example, you can give the couple a beautiful bowl with stone.It will symbolize love and understanding, as well as beautifully complements any interior.

excellent choice would be a statuette or a piggy bank with a splash of agate or ivory.That's because the ivory is also the symbol of 14 years of life together.Gifts of this material looks elegant and stylish.You can always choose the exclusive thing made of ivory, thereby pleased the heroes of the occasion.

A perfect gift for the wedding will be beautiful agate stone statues.

always appropriate to give the couple a beautiful painting or a mural.Especially look good these stone products.They will adorn any home and will always remind about you.

As you see, choose a good gift for the agate wedding is not difficult.You can be guided by the needs of the spouse, or to give them a nice symbolic thing, trimmed agate.In any case, the gift should radiate your love and warmth, and what exactly it will be - just a minor detail.