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What are the wedding over the years?

Small date, pointing to the emergence of a strong family

    0 years - Green.Wedding day.Her symbolize green leaves of myrtle, constituting a wedding wreath.

    Calico wedding Calico wedding 1 year - calico.Conservatives believe that the first year from the date of the wedding relations between the spouses are similar to cotton, most fragile fabric.Although there is a different opinion, saying that the first year of marriage has a very active actions bridal bed, which leads to rapid wear calico bed linen to gauze.On this day, the couple presented calico kerchiefs each other and drink from the date of the wedding left a bottle of champagne.To celebrate this anniversary, it is sure to invite the best friends, parents and witnesses.

    2 years - Paper.Relationship easily comparable to tearing paper.To tear the paper could, without fear that it will end, the guests invited to the anniversary replenish paper supplies family, giving notebooks, albums, art books.

    3 years - leather.By this time, the "paper" overcome difficulti

    es.Every husband and wife relationship is not broken, like paper, so learn to get along with each other and are able to have the flexibility to adjust.Leather symbolizes flexibility, including relationships.

    4 years - Linen (wax).Guests as a gift to bring linen products.Beautiful wax candles - certainly adorn the holiday table.

    5 years - Wood.On the anniversary of the spouses give a variety of wooden items.

    6 years - Cast iron (aka Rowan or cypress).

    6,5 years - Zinc.Celebration incomplete date says spouses that marriage should be periodically gloss as well as to galvanized dishes.

    7 years - copper.Accepted spouses pledge of future happiness to exchange copper coins.

    8 years - Tin (bed furniture, poppy).On this day, invited to bring a gift shiny household items.At the same time it decided to show the upgrade of home to buy a new bed.

    9 years - faience.Delftware offered or made of crystal.

    10 years - Pink (tin or amber).Invites the people who were my friends and best man at the wedding.Dancing always with red roses.

    11 years - Steel.Daryatsya various power tools and steel souvenirs.

    12 years - Silk (nickel).

    13 years - wool or lace.

    14 years - Agate.Daryatsya products made of agate or ivory.In the 15 years mark the anniversary of glass or crystal.Give a glass or crystal objects, to symbolize the purity of marriage.

    18 - Turquoise.Family together 18 years, means that the couple had won a victory over the difficulties of time and adversity, and they managed to save their marriage.To mark the date should be together, to give the second half of turquoise jewelry or things inlaid with turquoise.

    20 years - Porcelain.On the festive table must exhibit new porcelain set, indicating that the old crockery left.

    Ruby wedding Ruby wedding 25 years - Silver.He invited all relatives.On this anniversary the couple silver rings are worn next to the golden wedding.

    30 years - Pearl.It symbolizes that the years lived in a strong alliance, "strung" on the thread of life, like pearls on a necklace.

    37,5 years - Aluminum.Says a firm and committed to family happiness.

    38 years - Mercury.On this date open rare opportunity for change in their life together.This time is favorable for the most active effort, so do not miss this chance!

    40 years - Ruby.The gold wedding rings encrusted with ruby ​​- the stone-symbol of fire and love.

    45 years - Sapphire (scarlet).

dates, there is a very small number of couples

    Golden jubilee golden wedding 50 years - gold.On this anniversary, old wedding rings replaced with new ones made.After all, gold has faded, and the fingers, wore these rings have changed.

    60 years - Diamond (platinum).It means that the marriage is strong, like a diamond, and nothing could terminate it.In addition to death.

    80 years - an oak.Relationships between spouses are the same strong as an oak tree.

    100 years - Red.They named her as the wife of Azerbaijan Agayev, celebrate her in 2007, the year.

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