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As the first wedding anniversary

Firstly, it is necessary to depart from the norms and frameworks.If you read the article, basically, all the tips come down to how best to set the table, and who to call.In fact, for the wedding anniversary this is clearly not the main issues to be solved.After the anniversary of satisfied primarily for myself, not for the relatives.So if you want to celebrate together, is correct to explain the family that you want to spend the day alone with each other.And the resentment is not relevant here.

romantic trip

In order to decide how to celebrate the first wedding anniversary, my husband and I talk about what he wanted.Perhaps you have the desire to go somewhere together.If so, then choose a place to rest.It may be mountains, the sea, or even a country house.The main thing is to make your stay enjoyable for both.If you go on a journey that is possible, let it pass with all the comfort.You can take the car and start the CB enjoy your vacation in the train.Of course, you can go by car, but if the distan

ce is long enough, the driver will arrive at your destination tired and have not received the pleasure of the holiday, what he wants.


If you are not able to go somewhere, find a place to celebrate the holiday in his hometown.Only the first anniversary is not worth it all comes down to the banal and eateries.In fact, there are more interesting places and, most importantly, learn how to find them.You can choose a location based on their preferences and desires of a loved one.This could be an abandoned pier, caves, catacombs, hill or mountain, wild beach on the coast.The main thing that the terrain was not particularly popular among townspeople.You do want to be alone, and do not spend time in the community of onlookers.

Anniversary online

There are times when the first anniversary not get to spend together.Many people get frustrated and feel that holiday irretrievably lost.However, it is not.You can chat with your loved one via phone, Skype, social networks.Throughout the day, talk to each other compliments, write love letters, telling their erotic fantasies, wish each other beautiful things, drink the champagne for your love.The main thing is try to stay constantly in touch.Thus, you will feel as if you are close and nice messages and SMS will remain with you forever.And you can read them when you will be sad, bored or lonely.

Pleasant surprises

wonder you can even mark the anniversary at home.Her husband can prepare a nice surprise.Decorate the house in the style that he likes the most, cook their favorite dishes, and when he comes home, he arrange contests, prizes for which will be explicitly sexual.You can play a sexual role play and make a reality of those fantasies of a young man who for some reason has not yet been fulfilled.Generally, even in this day will be more youthful recklessness and romance.Have sex in unexpected places, and do not pay attention to what others say.Let this day be full of joy, love and adrenaline.

In his first wedding anniversary, you can agree to go back to where you were going for a long time, but it was not the time or money.Let the day your dreams come true, even if they seem to you ridiculous or childish.The main thing that they were common pastime and it brings joy to both of you.

Well, if you still want to celebrate this day with family and friends, then try to organize a feast of fun and ease.This could be a scenario in which only some dedicated repeat the most interesting and funny moments with your wedding.If the court of the good weather - go on nature.Spend a romantic nature of competitions, fun and receiving congratulations from you dear people.

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