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Wedding in style Shabby-chic: old world charm

nachaladavayte to know what "Shabby chic."This area got its name from the English word shabby, which translates as "shabby chic".In the 80s the English designer ReychelEshvel first started buying all the shelves of antique shops, bloshinyhrynkov ranks, in search of the old antique furniture.She gave veschamvtoruyu life, carefully restoring them.Style Rachel had opredelennuyunaklonnost, all things were made in bright colors.In 1989, she otkrylasvoy first store and gave him the name of "shabby chic".Since that time, Shabby-chic design hardly entered the industry as a term that defines the style of the interior.In nashidni its application has expanded its borders and is related not only to dizaynuinterera.

Wedding in style Shabby-chic: old world charm

If you want a fairytale wedding, tostil Chebbi is exactly what you need.It is important to remember arranging a wedding that etotstil not tolerate minimalism.Element of decor to be very much onidolzhny be everywhere, starting with invitations and ending with the final prazdnichnymtortom.It there

fore requires considerable financial costs, so zadumyvayasvadbu style Chebbi properly prepare.

So nachnempozhaluy features a color style.Color - is the most important sostavlyayuschayastilya that must be traced even in small things, without Shabby chic was not byshikom.The color scheme should be used in pastel and bright ottenkah.Dopustimye colors: white, cream, peach, coffee with milk, blue, pink, and soft shades of yellow, blue, green and gray.But that is not all.All items must be present vremennoyotpechatok: attrition, pripylennost and dullness.

Typically, for a wedding fit all the flowers that are in the world, but our style ochentrebovatelen to the floral decoration.The most suitable tsvetamiyavlyayutsya peonies, roses and an integral part - baby's breath.They do not tolkopridadut wedding elegance, but will create that same carelessness inherent stilyushebbi chic.Other types of colors, too, have a place to be, but only rolinebolshogo additions.For table decorations and interior design in general, put flowers vvazy ancient species.By creating a bridal bouquet, is to pay attention egoukrasheniyu.Vintage brooch, lace, velvet ribbons give the required Shiki will complete the image.

Vinterere all the elements of furniture and decor should remind the old days isozdavat impression of luxury and wealth.Massive chests, cabinets, vintage divanyi chairs, rocking chairs, carved wooden chairs, candlesticks, frames sfotografiyami, piano, bird cages, boxes with decorations, zerkalabudut look great and create the desired effect.It is important to match the color characteristics of obivkamebeli style and was made iznaturalnyh tissues.Serving prazdnichnogostola suit silver flatware, tea sets and dishes with floral print, arranged on a light lace tablecloth made of linen, cotton or calico.

image of the bride and groom

Wedding in style Shabby-chic: old world charm

Platenevesty should reflect the style of antiquity, to be made of light materialovsvetlyh tones, decorated with a variety of lace and gloves ilishlyapkoy completed.The role will suit vintage jewelry earrings, brooches, bracelets and podveski.Melkie decorations in the form of flowers, embroidery can be scattered all over the obrazunevesty ranging from hair, finishing with shoes.The main thing is not to overdo it and do not sozdateffekt bad taste instead Shabby effect.

Obrazzheniha shall consist of a light suit and be supplemented by a butterfly, sheynymplatkom, suspenders, vests - all this is at your discretion and taste.

Wedding vstile Shabby chic - a romantic dream of every girl who ostavitpriyatny imprint for life and condemn you to the brightest and krasochnyevospominaniya.

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