Relations // Love

What is love?

Psychologists believe chtolyudi talking about his love, usually only experienced feelings kotoryeyavlyayutsya her poor excuse: love, passion, affection and emotional contact.Privychkabyt brings people together.It appears affection that people feel obychnooshibochno love.

But have you ever thought what it is?Answers to this voprosmogut be very diverse: unrequited, tragic, mutual, eternal, dirty, chaste, etc.Variant of the answer may be many, but the most accurate budetotvet "different."Despite this, we offer our readers acquainted snaibolee frequent "kinds of love."Perhaps reading this article, you vspomniteperezhitye your feelings and be able to relate them to the type shown below.Amozhet you feel about that kategoriilyudey that have never experienced such high feelings?This article will sluchaeeta for you a small story.Whatever it was, "loves" presented below vesmauslovny and every love is unique in its own way.

Love drama

We often hear otragicheskoy love.Usually this kind of love arises in

my youth when molodoyorganizm wish to experience strong emotions, and his partner is only povodomdlya this.Often on the lips of takihvlyublennyh appear the words: "never", "forever", "promise", "very", "crazy" it.p.It's crazy, knocks down, covered with jealousy, causing quarrels and pushing for reckless postupki.Kazhetsya that all earnest and for all, but in fact usually such otnosheniyakonchayutsya as suddenly as it arises with the separation prohoditvesma very painful.Love in adolescence is nachalnymopytom for further stronger relationships when we weigh all svoioshibki.


Oddly, nolyubov can go into hatred.This is when the "how do you bore me (a)," "do not see hochutebya" I want to say much more often than "I love you."When hochetsyasobrat in itself all that boiling and throw out, saying, "Get out izmoey life" and looking straight into the eyes of the once cherished person.It's an endless quarrel, missed calls, evenings spent alone in the window with the thoughts of a loved one and zapahomocherednoy lit cigarette.This is when the new year make a wish that the one never to love, and the idea of ​​how poskoreeizbavitsya of this "dirty pink disease".Love-hate arises kogdapartnery can not create harmony in the relationship.Perhaps this is due to the fact that two people in a fit of strong feelings, just do not notice that they are too different.

Love friendship

These relations with samogonachala built on mutual understanding and trust, you guarantee stability ilegkost.No violent jealousy, broken dishes, experiences, except for small domestic quarrels.Only spokoynyei hasteless relationship that in the event of separation simply pass vdruzhbu.This kind of relationship idealnopodhodit to create a family and upbringing detey.Podobno 2% yogurt, it allows you to stay healthy and feel good in the morning.The most important thing is not to get into such a story vmolodosti when you want to surrender to the embrace of passion.

Love - independence

For example, it nravitsyafutbol, ​​cool bikes, heavy music, noisy companies, electric and ... ona.Ey like classical music, melodrama, theater ... and it is.They refer to each other as a hobby, passion, podobnorazvedeniyu exotic pets.These people love playing at etomderzhas relations at a safe distance.They will always live raznymizhiznyami remaining individual "I" and never become one.Sometimes people behave so, miraculously survived the catastrophe of love.They habitually seek out each other in the crowd, get drunk in the Valentine's Day, as a whole are good friends and say goodbye, once in the air hangs the phrase "I love you."Such relationships are like nazanozu when one realizes that this is wrong, but trying to get eedostavlyayut pain.Then he decides to leave everything as it is and wait until vsereshitsya itself.There comes a time when the old wounds of the heart and soul already nekrovotochat fill new feelings, like a breath of fresh air iliholodnoy water after drought.

Love chameleon

These feelings mysterious isklonny uncertainty.Partners know each other, but not so much, to know what to expect from each other after the time.They quarrel, but not enough to leave.When they pytayutsyaobyasnit why they are together, you do not find the right words.They do not understand chtosvyazyvaet them together, but nevertheless, they are afraid to break the connection.

We hope that after reading etustatyu you made for yourself some conclusions.Are you in a relationship?Kkakomu type you would have carried them?