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Wedding in the English style

Every couple knows how to spend this unforgettable den.Nekotorye traditionally prefer to mention the restaurant and sign ZAGSe.Drugie also want an exit ceremony somewhere in the nature.Now it modnoustraivat wedding in a variety of styles.Now there's a concept as svadebnyystil.So where should we start?Wedding in the English style - and so etonepredskazuemo romantichno.Svadba goes well only if vseorganizovano summit.There are so many different ideas poorganizatsii wedding in the English style.

Tips for newlyweds

Lovers are waiting, not wait for that day.Yes, a wedding soon, nopodgotovka it just exhausting.It is necessary to take some good advice last, so as not to do mistakes.They will help preserve your nerves before the wedding.

For starters we should not rush to force tables dishes.Yes, onivkusnye and guests will be happy with the large amounts of food.But you can not sending to the decor.On the tables have to be flower arrangements.It mozhetbyt candlesticks with flowers, vases.It needs a l

ittle dream or otdateto designer and organizer of the matter.Candles are also important in the decoration.Oniprekrasno decorate evening celebration.Very cute look petals or drugihtsvetov.

All tables should be numbered.We need to take care of their guests.Ukazhdogo should be a card with it a place at the table.To all do not loiter and ran, looking for an empty chair.You need to consider who and where will sit at the banquet.Kazhdomugostyu to hand the banquet menu, and it lays down a present.What would it be, it's up to newlyweds.

this day can not skimp on beauty.After all, as budetshikarno arrive in a limousine.Let around the guests will be balloons and flowers, pustvse rejoice this day.We need to dream and fantasize.Then you can naytiprekrasnoe English-style for themselves.

English wedding in different styles

Every wedding should be filled with his zest.Nuzhnorazobratsya what the wedding will be the best.And some traditions should adhere to? The British - people restrained, so everything should be simple, but sovkusom.The outfits should not be flashy and pretentious.The quality and sophistication of the main attributes of the English-here wedding.In such a ceremony is no place ipokazuhe glamor.

Babington blue

English wedding in style «Babington blue».The nail of the program - it goluboytsvet.Heavenly and pale blue simply captured the hearts of visitors.Blue must bytlentochki, personalized menus and flowers on the tables.

now stands pereytik registration desk.To the west it is not accepted immediately put all the dishes on the table.Nastola are beautiful flower arrangements, it gives elegance.Each gostdolzhen himself to choose what he will eat and drink.Treats should podavatofitsiant to the table.The organization of this very important moment.Songs from tsvetovvazhny for registration tables.

necessary to arrange a special book for guests, unto which you can write your wishes in the memory for future couples.

Gorgeous glamour

The thing sochetaniitsvetov - bright red and juicy green.And the banquet hall is divided into dvasektora.Colors can be selected and the others, according to your taste.One color - it tsvetzheniha, another bride.So banquet hall is divided into different sectors.It originalnoi interesting.

Klassicheskayaangliyskaya wedding

Wedding vtraditsionnom style with pastel colors.Do not dredged and bright dolzhnobyt.The main color - white or cream.The main elements of decoration - it atlasnyelenty and bows.Classic nevyydet never out of fashion.Abroad wedding seldom celebrate in the restaurant, usually onivybirayut quiet suburban house to hold a celebration.All this legkooformit - furniture, tent, equipment and decoration.Companies kotoryeorganizovyvayut wedding all by yourself will bring and install.To recreate horosheyatmosfery come to help the beautiful flowers, table cloth, spotlights, strips and t.d.Plate be elegant and stylish, with no cumbersome accessories.

Shades of summer

English wedding vzharky summer day.Great time of year.Beautiful tent on the nature utolyaetzhazhdu holiday.This day will beautify summer flowers, accessories and colorful drinks.

There is little tradition - the bride and groom must give visitors souvenirs that will remind you of the wedding.We must remember, chtosvadba English style - is, above all, elegance and restraint.Natak wedding every bride will feel like a real printsessoy.Pust stanetnezabyvaem your wedding event and will be remembered for a lifetime.