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What do you call all the wedding anniversary

Wedding Anniversary - what are they?

Going on a trip honeymoon, sparsely happy couple are living together solid carefree celebration, romance and delight in each other.

Honeymoon replaced ordinary similar one on the other days, carefree happiness of the solution of a number of small daily tasks, romance - an attempt to combine and as close as possible to the vision of a unified picture of both spouses live together and conduct business affairs.

And home improvements coming to the final stage, the time of the so-called "lapping" successfully overcome, small household chores for a long time divided between the spouses and enforced almost automatically.It would seem that now the time has come to well-established way of life, which means comfort and a quiet family happiness.At this stage of relations, as a rule, the house bursts into a sharp exhausting wind of change - the birth of a child.Sleepless nights, diapers, toys and a pile of scattered endless pile of Streaky.

scattered condition of hap

piness, delight and awe becomes a memory of the distant past, causing nostalgic feelings about the day when the couple shaking hands wore on his fingers each other's wedding rings.Is it really impossible to experience those feelings again?

Everyone knows the answer to this question."Silver" and "Gold" for a wedding and there that even the elderly were once again the bride and groom were able to return to the most solemn day of his life and experience it again.It turns out that married couples can feel not only after 25 and after 50 years of marriage, there is a glad these anniversaries!

Calico wedding

first wedding anniversary.There after one year from the date of the marriage.A year of living together, as a rule, linked to the knowledge of the spouses to each other from different sides, difficulties in the collision of interests and attempt to find a compromise.Having overcome this difficult step, relationships become more stable, quiet nature - bring "a cotton ease" and understanding.

to celebrate a wedding, decided to give a cotton linen products or calico.

Paper Wedding

noted after two years of marriage.Family and domestic disputes have long been "ustakanilos" relationship lost the novelty and purchased smooth flow of life, without a bright burst of emotion and romantic impulses.Marriage even as the paper is not strong, but was faced with the first major test - inattention and decreased care of each other.It remains to verify whether the marriage will stand with dignity the difficulties or burst apart like a sheet of paper?

the anniversary of the paper wedding custom to bring a gift paper products: postcards, letters, books, and tickets to the cinema or theater.

Leather Wedding

lived together for three years.In most families already have children.Relations are strong and stable enough.Nevertheless, they are still developing, modify, change shape and adapt to the variable nature of the bit of both spouses.Family life can be described as a resilient but flexible.Leather good example of this associative.

In celebration usually presented with gifts of leather.

Wooden wedding

five years from the date of the marriage.By this time the husband and wife had come as close to a complete understanding, merger and creation of something in common.A married couple can be compared to a wooden house is enough strong, warm and cozy.However, the fire broke out accidentally can easily destroy it.

on wooden wedding usually give various kinds of wooden crafts and furniture.There is a tradition to plant a tree on this day, then it will grow healthy, fertile and living memory of love will remain for decades to come.

pink wedding

Ten years of marriage!First round date, which decided to celebrate in a big way, inviting all the family and friends.Nestle scale joyful celebration with the obligatory main symbol of this day - red wine.Spouses and guests are given a bride bouquet of roses, saying admiringly praises their marriage "is so strong that he was not afraid of any thorns."

Crystal Wedding

marked fifteen years from the date of the wedding.Relationships become a true beauty, purity and finesse.Crystal, as a symbol of celebration and prosperity simply requires the bride and groom to arrange a feast on this day to the protracted feast.Traditionally, the day of the wedding crystal have to be broken crockery.Give

made crystal products: tableware, figurines and ornaments.On the table also must be present crystal glasses, wine glasses and salad.

Porcelain wedding

celebrated twenty years of marriage.Husband and wife have become so accustomed to each other as possible.But, in spite of everything, their relationship remains so fragile, valuable and requires careful handling, the product is made of porcelain.

believed that it is necessary to put on the table a new china, as the old by this time nothing could not stay.

Silver Wedding

first of the well-known and widely celebrate the anniversary of the wedding.Marked the quarter century, lived in a happy union!In addition to the comparison with the precious metal reveals the wealth of love, flourishing in the family for so many years, silver has almost literally indicates "poserebrevshie" with hair spouses.

the day of silver wedding rings made to share that fits close to the wedding on the middle finger.The table serves as a silver tableware.

Pearl wedding

Thirty years of marriage!Pearls - a symbol of wealth, beauty and fertility.During all those years the pair managed to establish themselves in their family unit and significantly grow.There were not only children, but grandchildren.The husband and wife were able to maintain the beauty of their feelings and convey them through the chain to the next generation.According to tradition, the Pearl wedding spouse presents its second half pearl necklace, pearls amount which equals the number of years lived together.

Ruby wedding

celebrated the fortieth year from the date of the wedding.The couple together took a lot of trials, difficulties and tribulations.Relations have acquired the most valuable color is ruby ​​after polishing and cutting.The red color of the stone symbolizes the blood of a single created spouses and embodied in the form of a new generation.

Accepted bring a gift ruby ​​rings.

Golden Wedding

lived together for fifty years!For half a century, passed hand in hand, a husband and wife have time to raise children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren probably.Only with the most valuable properties of gold - soft "malleable" character, capable of reacting in a spirit of harmony with other people it may be possible.

Jubilee, as a rule, there is a small circle of close relatives.Again to feel like a bride and groom wife again exchanged wedding rings.

Diamond wedding

diamond jubilee marriage.Brilliant, naiprochneyshy gem since ancient times was considered the owner of the medicinal properties and excellent amulet helps in difficult times.So the couple, who collected valuable life experience, are able to give good advice and help to get out of the predicament.

On the sixtieth anniversary give products with diamonds.

Crown wedding

many as seventy-five years from the date of the wedding!Very rare, and therefore a grand celebration, hosted for the anniversaries of their children and grandchildren.Spouses together to overcome all the difficulties, nothing could break and destroy their union.The Jubilee is the crown of marriage as a crown, crowning her head.

List of wedding anniversaries stop here.And finally, newlyweds, just marry, we wish to gain tolerance, wisdom and desire every day to bring happiness to the closest and native person - your significant other to safely celebrate its "crown the wedding."

Now you know how to refer to all wedding anniversaries.We wish you to live with your soul mate to the diamond!

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