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Wedding in oriental style

East takes a somewhat different wedding ceremony, rather than west.Average celebration filled with spirituality and becomes philosophical meaning.Eastern wedding is rightly considered by man to the absolute truth, by acquiring it through self-sacrifice.Slowness and bewitching mystery of the East will not leave indifferent any of the invited guests.And it makes no sense of saving money and go to the heart of the birth of this rite.

outfits for newlyweds
Anyone on the issue, which is one of the main attributes of the wedding, did not hesitate to answer - dress.And of course, he is right.After all, not only does the ceremony wedding day special.Adds a special charm and a wedding dress, which is prepared to put more than one day.

for a wedding in the Oriental style does not matter in what dress will you or your fiance.However, if you want to completely follow the oriental motives, you should know that will be appropriate for the bride:
  • traditional white wedding dress
  • Wedding Dress in red
  • translucent or color of the finest silk handkerchief on his head instead of a veil in
  • Jewellerya large number of
  • Wicker sandals
  • Hijab
also need to pay attention to makeup in the style of oriental beauties.One option would be to focus on the beautiful eyes, doing make-up technique "cat's eyes".Hair done and that is easier: just make an easy beam, which will cover a thin shawl.

man for the wedding celebration will also need a special outfit, namely trousers, shirt with oriental ornaments, white suit, turban and skullcap.

At the same time Registry offices are not very original, and your desire to do everything in a special way can be understood not quite right.But with a very strong desire is always possible to leave the usual registration of the orders, and all conversion and leave a story for the evening.

format celebrations
most suitable variant of the wedding celebration in the East - is to go to the country restaurant.Now there is a fairly wide range of firms on the device events that can turn even a dull room into the palace of your fantasies.Moreover, you still have to choose the person that will affect the whole evening - toastmaster.

If weather permits and the place of the banquet, you can carry out all the activities on the street, for example, in a botanical garden, forest lawn or on the coast, where tents are set, decorated with oriental ornaments.The main attributes, create the necessary atmosphere - a thick carpet with a long nap, low tables, dim lights, the smell of spices and aromatic oils, hookah and certainly a huge amount of pillows.The main thing - to warn guests about the format of the celebration that will not spoil your evening with unnecessary feelings about the evening dresses, shoes and suits.

banquet will be quite appropriate dishes of lamb and poultry.Pork - a sacred animal among the Muslims, so it bring to the table is not necessary.In general, the table Eastern wedding food should be present in great abundance.Spices, sauces, sweets and fruit - the main dishes on a similar celebration.

Entertainment program
It must be remembered that in the East especially appreciate music.It does not matter whether live performance or recording - the main thing that was charming sounds of Indian and Arabic music that can be immersed in the sweet bliss, and the anticipation of something grand and unusual.

can seriously think about the dance and entertainment shows that during a banquet in the glow of candles moving half-naked body of dancers, rustling silk and velvet.It is appropriate to be speaking magicians, fakirs and yogis.

impressive sight may become oriental dance by the bride.After all, in the East every dance move is an expression of words and emotions.Try it dance to tell the Prince about his feelings that you feel for him.

worthy and unforgettable conclusion of the evening will be not bored all salute a few volleys, but a real fire show.Eastern sweets, music, fire, the smell of coffee, the night sky ... This day is really devoted only to you and your chosen one!