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Each wedding anniversary has its own name and custom

Since a family wedding anniversary becomes almost the main family holiday.On their wedding anniversary the couple usually give each other gifts, remember the beginning of their relationship, and the most pleasant moments of their life together.Guests can invite, but you can not invite, and just sit in a quiet romantic atmosphere together and enjoy each other's company.

To celebrate the anniversary properly, you must know the old customs, based on which, every wedding anniversary has its own name and custom.

first year of life flies by.The first wedding anniversary is called "calico".The name comes from the fact that for the first year of life young accustomed to joint weekdays.On the first anniversary of the spouses give each other symbolic gifts - calico kerchiefs.

«Wood» wedding - it's a five-year anniversary.It symbolizes the marriage has sufficient strength and stability in the relationship of the spouses.Of course, the ideal gifts for the five-year anniversary of the wedding will be the product

of wood: jewelry, souvenirs, tableware.

After seven years have passed your family life, the time comes to celebrate the "copper" wedding.On this day, the spouses must surround money - ringing coins, bring material well-being and prosperity.You can give the couple a bag of coins ringing.The couple in this anniversary give each other brass rings as a sign of loyalty and a strong love.

«Tin" wedding is celebrated eight years from the date of the wedding.In this anniversary of the spouses it gives the best appliances and kitchen utensils.

tenth anniversary of the wedding is called "pink" wedding, or as it is called, day lilies.This day should be laced with romance.Few families in our modern society, step over a decade of overseas relations.Give each other on this day roses, say kind words and show their love and care throughout.

«Nickel» wedding celebrated in twelve and a half years of marriage.Nickel said that the family life of young "shines"!Save the brilliance of your relationship even for many years.

After 15 years of marriage celebrated "glass" wedding.Glass - a symbol of purity and clarity of relations of spouses.Accordingly, the need to give gifts to spouses only from glass vases, dishes, decorations for interior home souvenirs.

Twenty wedding anniversary is called "porcelain" wedding.This date is celebrated magnificently, usually called relatives and friends.Serves a large banquet table.On the table must prevail crockery.Porcelain - the best gift this holiday for couples.

«Silver" wedding also celebrated widely.The 25-year anniversary of marriage the couple should sit on the places of honor at the festive table, if the bride and groom.As a token of his love, they must exchange a silver ring, which suit each other next to the gold.

30th year of marriage - is a "pearl" wedding.In this jubilee man must give his wife pearl beads and earrings.

«plain» wedding celebrated 35 years of marriage.The best gift for this anniversary - bed linen, towels and other linen products.

40th wedding anniversary is called "ruby" wedding.The man gives to this memorable date his wife jewelery with precious stones ruby.Ruby is known to be a stone of passion and ardor feelings.

Golden wedding - it can be said, this "feat" of family life, proving that true love and understanding between spouses is.During this 50-year wedding anniversary the couple exchanged with new gold rings.This is necessary because their hands have changed and the old wedding rings no longer fit over the fingers grown old, and gold wedding rings eventually faded and tarnished.New wedding rings set up the couple that they will live up to his death, along with a renewed sense.Nothing already separates spouses.

Celebrate your anniversary a happy family life and never forget them.This brings the romance in a relationship and in a sense - update and passion.

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