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Options for wedding invitations

wedding invitation can be issued with their own hands.This will greatly enhance its value and uniqueness.

The first version of the invitation to the wedding requires a lot of time.But it's the brightest, outstanding option that will appreciate all the guests, without exception.All invitations are made personally, you will need to use all their imagination to use a variety of original ideas.

There are many patterns of invitation cards for a wedding, for example, in the form of doves hearts, love or kissing couple.However, nothing prevents express their imagination, for example, each card decorate funny picture from a magazine or draw a beautiful picture, decorate the invitation ribbon or beads.In this case, the card will be unique.

surprising for all becomes floral design invitation or the presence of abstract figures of newlyweds on it.Invitation cards better to do on a beautiful high-quality paper for decoration, you can use any materials at hand, such as sequins, tiny ribbons of silk threads and ri

bbons.You can pin a tiny bag with attached small candy sweet life and the wishes of those who share the triumph with the newlyweds.

Another option is to purchase a standard wedding invitations, which offer a wide range of shops and bridal salons.This option will save your time and possibly money, but do not be surprised invited guests.

The third option is a combination of creative development of the template to the implementation of the wedding invitations by computer programs, for example, Photoshop.This will require a beautiful and high-quality picture of the newlyweds, which is loaded into the program and made out to taste.Joint photo can be made into a small calendar on the reverse side is to write an invitation.Then your wedding invitation will stand for a whole year in a prominent place, and will not forget the anniversary of marriage.

fourth variant design wedding invitations - it rolls made to order in any printing with the typed text.The names of the guests and the newlyweds will sign the final touch - and ready.The originality of such invitations at their non-standard sizes.It will be remembered and will help guests to the romantic atmosphere of the holiday.

fifth option is to use clay or ceramic figurines that will keep a card or a small card, wedding invitation.Behind the scenes, leave the statuette on the table, let it be a surprise.And nothing prevents the use of such holder subsequently at the office.That is your original way to invite to the wedding may well be useful in the future.The more that the figure will be constantly reminded of your wedding.

Formal invitation should coordinate with the master of ceremonies to the style of cards was caught them during the celebrations.This is especially important during the themed parties, such as a wedding in the old Russian style, in the form of rock-and-roll, or a hippie.Well, when drawing up invitations to coincide with the theme and the idea of ​​celebration.

In addition to these options, the wedding invitations can be decorated for the season, for example, in the form of a maple leaf, cute snowman in a wedding dress and much more.The main thing invitation card causes only positive emotions and looking forward to the celebration.