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Choose a color for the wedding: fashion tips

But times change, and the tradition is also amenable legkimkorrektirovkam, wedding traditions were no exception and poslednieneskolko years in vogue "color wedding."Agree that if the bride preferring lilac dress torestoran decorated in a white color, will look very nelepo.Neredko happens so that not every bride dressed white dress, wanted to "get lost" on a white background.Fortunately, in our times the spectrum of colors is so broad that any girl can choose to your taste any of them.

fairly common use pink tones vdekore facilities for weddings.This color, like white, represents gentleness, purity, softness.Pink will bring the image of the room romantic, elegance and create an aura of lightness and warmth.

If you are brave enough and willing to take risks, the mozhnopoeksperimentirovat and more vivid colors, such as red.Mnogieschitayut the red - is an aggressive color, but in combination with white onbudet look like the most advantageous and attractive, and if you add nemnogorozovogo, the environ

ment will be a romantic and refined.When resheniiispolzovat red at the wedding should take into account that it is not necessary drapirovatsteny in purple tones.Etivyrazitelnye colors should be only in individual cells and tolkopodcherkivat gravity torque.The interior fit perfectly with red roses wipes them tone, balloons and ribbons on the chairs.

According to Chinese tradition, the red color will bring a person good luck absolutely lyubyhnachinaniyah and young family luck does not hurt.

among experts on registration of marriages there nekoepravilo, which states that for weddings during the warmer months luchsheispolzovat cool colors, and in the cold season, on the contrary.

If you are planning a wedding in the summer, it is appropriate budetispolzovanie blue tones in the interior.This color is also able to emphasize the "tenderness" of the event and give a calm and umirotvorennoyobstanovki wedding.It is believed that the color blue symbolizes the air, the water, he vyzyvaetu others only positive emotions and sensations.

very fashionable lately purple color, in contrast otgolubogo, puts pressure on the subconscious.However, if you're a fan of etogovyrazitelnogo color, do not give up their preference stoitpodobrat just the right combination of other colors.If you supplement fioletovyybezhevym pink and you will get a successful combination of very positive and dizaynsvadby is elegant and stylish.For example, you can use belosnezhnyeskaterti in tandem with purple cloths and balloons and flowers and candles to choose vsirenevyh colors.

bright green color used in the design of svadebnyhpomescheny very often, but in vain, because it is thanks to this color ipravilno placed accents, you can easily create neprinuzhdennuyuintimnuyu situation.Green symbolizes spring.A spring - etoprobuzhdenie all living things.Of course, it is not necessary to select all fanatically zelenyhtonah: dress, tablecloths, candles, balloons, because in the end you get protivopolozhnyyeffekt.

most excellent option is a combination of white walls with belymiskatertyami interspersed with green and pale green napkins.In any case, the presence of a light green shade will make the celebration and optimism polozhitelnyynastroy.

If celebration is planned for the cold season, the vymozhete safely used in the design of deep yellow or orange color, which will act as a symbol of the sun and heat, joy.Excellent will vyglyadetsochetanie white walls, tablecloths and yellow balloons and ribbons on the chairs, etobudet look not just sunny and warm, and it was solemnly inezabyvaemo.In many cultures, the yellow color symbolizes semeynoeblagopoluchie happiness.

in fashion and color of mint, it is not surprising, because it is very nezhnyynebrosky, but noticeable, expressive.It can be used not only as an additional color, but inaoborot as basic.For example, would look great if the tablecloth budetmyatnogo shade, and all other elements of the white sand.Mint mozhetprisutstvovat element even in the dress of the bride, and it does not spoil it vneshniyvid, but on the contrary, will make more expressive.

If you want chtobyvasha wedding remembered as the most refined and elegant, then pay svoevnimanie a number of pastel colors.The spectrum is very wide pastel colors: peach, cream, light green, beige, pearl.These shades will give vasheysvadbe gloss and sophistication.

There is one important rule - if you vybralivanilny wedding color or ivory, then the tone should be vypolnenyvse interior details, down to the napkins, curtains and other things.Edinstvennoevozmozhnoe addition - it is gold or silver items.

When choosing wedding colors you can rely on mnozhestvorazlichnyh factors, but first of all we must be guided by predpochteniyamimolodozhenov.The wedding is to bring the bride and groom only polozhitelnyeemotsii and a lot of impressions that will not be forgotten during the whole life!

Do not forget that come winter is coming!Just imagine how great would look like a bride in a beautiful dress, for example, pink on white background scenery!