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Labour education of children in the family

Home labor education

early as two or three years the baby has to understand that he needed to help his parents.At this age, his labor education is to learn on their own to collect for a toy.Many parents feel sorry for the children and do everything for them.This is fundamentally wrong.In this case, at the very young age, children begin to be lazy and get used to the fact that all of them do.To this did not happen, children need to learn and make labor discipline.Of course, it is not necessary to shout and swear.You just need to explain that mom and dad need to help, and the room must be order.And because he was a big boy (girl) then you need to clean up on their own.If the child does not listen, explain to him that until he will remove, then, for example, will not watch cartoons.After Mom and Dad do not sit down to rest until fulfill their responsibilities at home.

Equality in labor education

way, labor education should be the same for boys and for girls.So do not assume that children should be

taught purely "male" jobs, and girls - a purely "female".Around the age of three, children begin to be interested in what they are doing in their family.Do not ignore such an interest.If a child wants to wash the dishes or vacuuming - Encourage desires.Of course, at that age, the baby will not be able to do it quite accurately.But in any case, do not scold him, because he tries so hard.Just show him the shortcomings and say he smart, but if the next time will make no errors, it will be more stiff upper lip.Of course, labor education involves tasks that are manageable over the age of the child.For example, if he wants to sweep the house or digging in the garden, buy him a children's broom or children's garden accessories.With a working tool it will be easier to handle and do what he wants.

not buy labor

When the child gets older, he may be given more difficult tasks for which his parents will be encouraged.Labour education is not to force the child, and encourage him to work.But this does not mean that parents will buy his work.Of course, such methods are also sometimes have to resort, but only in cases when the child performs a responsible and hard work.In other cases, it is necessary to explain that it is the same member of the family, so it functions equally with the parents so that they can get plenty of rest and spend time with him.For example, you can teach a child to always dust when mom and dad are engaged in cleaning.This work is not difficult, but at the same time the baby will understand that parents can not do without it and feel it necessary in the family.

When children get older, they need to begin to train to work in the kitchen.Of course, everything must be done under the supervision of parents.It is also not advised to give children sharp knives and heavy.But that does not stop to give the child a knife that he cut the cheese or the crush vegetables that are easy to cut (such as cooked carrots).While cooking is to tell the child what you are doing, what ingredients are needed and what will happen.

Labour education should be for a child is not a burden, but an interesting exercise.While working at home, you can tell your child stories, to turn everything in the game.The main thing that it was pleasant and interesting to help their parents.

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