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The first dance of the newlyweds

How to choose dance

First of all, you should choose the dance which will be performed by the bride and groom.And, of course, according to choose the music for him.Traditionally the newlyweds opt for the first dance the waltz.The music is easy to pick up for him, often prefer the classics, although many use a variety of treatments of classical compositions.If one of the newlyweds (or both) do not know how to waltz, then this too should be considered in advance.It is possible that you have to take a couple of lessons with a professional dance teacher.The bride should not forget that it will have to dance, being dressed up in a wedding dress that is easy to get confused, what should be taken into account in training, dressing, respectively.

If the wedding dance lessons do not fit your plans (or is knocked out beyond your total budget), in order to learn the basic movements, you can use a variety of video lessons, studying a particular style of dance right at home.

As the wedding day is a landmark day

, the memory of which I would like to leave for a long time, do not be afraid to experiment and to make some dance risky and unconventional movements, such as turning, falling and support - give others a chance to surprise and delight your skillbut not get carried away with it, it's still a wedding, not a dance contest, you should not use too complex elements.

It is possible that you have to spend a lot of time to prepare for the dance, but all this will pay off when you will enjoy the attention of guests, perfectly executing their wedding dance.

If it so happened that one of the newlyweds did not know the movements of the waltz, and learn no time or opportunity, it is really as a first wedding dance use any other dance, if only he knew how to execute and the groom and the bride.Of course, the dance of the bride and groom should be the most suitable in temperament and beauty, to fully display all of what they feel about each other.

What song is selected for the wedding dance

CAREFULLY all costs approach to the choice of music for the dance.This may be a composition that means something for the newlyweds.Or, in the absence of such, you may prefer the beautiful classical melodies that for many years all over the place, and sound like the majority of people of different generations.For many years after the former couple will be together with their grandchildren and children to view their files, remembering the first wedding dance, and of course would like to see the composition, under which perform a dance, like the descendants of the current suite.It is possible that they want for their first wedding dance choose it!

According to tradition, after a certain time to dance the newlyweds joined the other guests.Therefore, the melody as possible should be prolonged in order to have time to dance not only the couple but also guests invited to the wedding.

important to remember that you need to decorate not only the place where the wedding will take place, but also the first dance.This is usually used shiny confetti, petals, and more.Often can help invited guests or the organizers of celebration.It should be like to try to make the first wedding dance memorable.