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What type of manicure is better?

We begin, perhaps, with hardware manicure.You already knew what was going on? Hardware manicure - the fastest, modern, and most importantly a gentle way to give your nails healthy.

essence of this manicure is to use a special machine with a variety of grinding nozzles that polish the surface of the nail, giving it the desired shape, and even push back the cuticles.

In fact, you spend a normal European manicure (edging), just without the use of scissors, ie, excluding the likelihood of microdamages.Such a gentle effect allows hardware manicure even damaged or very weak nails, helping to strengthen and enhance their growth.

Classic healthy nail should be matte-pink over the whole plane with bright white tip.Of course, the ideal natural nail in everyday life a little bit, because they are affected by a bad environment, daily activities, and even a lack of vitamins.However, it is not necessary to show it.

Each of us had heard of a light and elegant French manicure.Naturally beautiful nails can be drawn

, and this technology is called - French manicure .In recent years, the naturalness of makeup and manicure is especially popular.Bright scarlet lipstick and nail "tone-on-tone" is no longer in fashion today are much more interesting to a healthy and well-groomed style of "a la naturel."

first appeared a French manicure, you guessed it, in France (hence the name).Its main objective was universal, that is, compliance with any outfit and any make-up.

The main emphasis of the French manicure is on the tip of the nail, which is emphasized in white.Gently do this procedure at home is almost impossible, so we encourage you to consult a professional.

Thanks to modern quality cover French manicure will stay on nails for a long time, and its versatility and elegance will make you look good in all situations.

By the way, the French manicure is often used, and men as well as the basis for a wedding manicure - that should not be bright and a bit romantic.

However, about male manicure, we will talk separately.

Fortunately, men are beginning to come to the conclusion that not all women are so useless stuff.

In the 21st century in the portfolio of young self-confident person can be found, and chapstick, and hair gel, and ... nail polish.Of course, it is a colorless, often imparting haze.However, groomed nails will not only save the nail polish.

why men come to beauty salons for a spa manicure (unique treatment that helps relax and put in order not only nails, and skin of the hands), and cuticle care, and the general strengthening of the nail plate.

Remember, man's hand - the first thing they see not only the lady (who used to pay attention to details), but other men (including business partners) during the greeting.Therefore, the male manicure - the basis of the image of your men.

So, ladies, you've decided what type of manicure is right for you?That's right, why choose just one thing, if you can try it!Experiment girl with manicured nails - it is always attractive!

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