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Wedding gifts for the guests of the Suite

Traditsiyadarit guests wedding gifts

Earlier wedding gifts prepodnosiligostyam only in Europe and America.Now, this tradition came and doRossii, and she became very popular, due neskolkimiprichinami.The first is based nareligioznoy soil and said that the need to please the guests to take otmolodozhenov destroy charms.Unfortunately, not all come to the wedding with chistymserdtsem.Some, sometimes even intentionally envious of happiness, youth ikrasote Suite.

second explanation is more prosaic.Priderzhivayasstol wonderful tradition, a young married couple presents its guests not prostodary she shares with them a part of the holiday, and the memory of him in znakblagodarnosti for what they shared together the brightest and most nezabyvaemyemgnoveniya their lives.

Traditionally, the role of the wedding guests were podarkovdlya bonbonniere, whose name speaks for itself - "elegant box for sweets" (translated from French).At first glance bonbonerkikazhutsya trifle, but they allow you to create a sp

ecial atmosphere, because podobnyeznaki attention to the couple put their soul.In addition, using bonbonerokmozhno ideally complement the wedding style, if they are in range odnoytsvetovoy with invitations and cards registered nursery.

In France, it was decided to put bonbonniere 5 mindalinv chocolate.The number of sweets chosen on purpose.It symbolizes pyatsamyh important wishes - happiness, health, wealth, fertility and longevity.

In the 16th century, when there were only sweet boxes, sladkiedary considered a luxury, since sugar imported into the times of India, was eschev wonder.Themselves boxes for gifts made of silver and precious stones zolotai framed.

To this day tradition reached in neskolkovidoizmenennoy form.Each pair is trying to bring to the wedding gifts dlyagostey something new, unusual and memorable, but because of their design inapolnenie long gone beyond the ordinary, and its diversity is simply neznaet borders.

If vvash circle tradition of giving wedding presents guests still a novelty, then it's time to bring it to the beginning.To do this you will need an original idea and its perfect embodiment.


ideas wedding gifts for guests there velikoemnozhestvo.This article describes some of them.Perhaps some will tovariant you are interested in, and you, adding it to his imagination, reshitevospolzovatsya him on his triumph.

Handmade soap

Guests will enjoy the scented soap, if vysdelaete his own hands.Preparing it is very simple from the special mixtures, which can be easily purchased at any specialized shop.Selecting efirnyhmasel to add huge - tea tree, sage, rose, mint, lime, etc.


Your guests will take away from the celebration a little warmth, romance happiness if you present them with gifts in the form of decorative candles.

Registered cubes

can prepare unusual cubes with compliments.Nakazhdoy list the verge of nice words addressed to each individual guest.


also be invited to please and T-shirts sindividualnymi inscriptions and images.


as gifts can act krasivyepolotentsa supplemented embroidered with your initials.

Cups Cups - rather primitive, but at the same vremyavsegda pertinent gift.Funny inscription or your funny picture dobavitbolshe smiles and positive.

Pocket calendars

your image can accommodate couples and nakalendarikah.Select the date of the wedding a bright color, then none of your relatives blizkihi not forget to congratulate you on the anniversary.

How to register?

option for execution of sweet dishes suschestvuetvelikoe set.Boxes, cylinders, tubes, boxes, bags ... All This is a very stylish and elegant, and most importantly, able to make guests neizgladimoevpechatlenie.On the packaging, you can print your initials or wedding date onamozhet be framed with flowers, beads and ribbons.

You can buy ready-made candy boxes in a shop, and mozhnosmasterit their own hands of cloth or hard paper.On average izgotovleniebonbonerok takes only one evening.

When to give?

actually very strict rules about when to present gifts to the guests, does not exist.We consider neskolkovariantov.

  • please guests can still be at the entrance to the restaurant.Etoprekrasnaya opportunity to create a festive atmosphere before the feast.
  • When all the gifts are the same, you can put them B special basket or on a separate table, decorating it with flowers isvechkami.So guests can pick up their gift in any convenient time.
  • Sometimes wedding gifts just lay next to each invited starelkoy.This can make the waiters when guests kprimeru, come to admire the fireworks.

wedding - an event truly special.Rejoice Irada guests along with them, because it sets the mood for your first day prozhitogov marriage.

Be happy!