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Wedding ceremonies abroad

Here Thai wedding ceremony - bride and groom dressed in white and gold clothes, hats on their heads from the lotus, and the union held together with garlands of flowers that dress the bride and groom each other.

In Polynesia, the ceremony takes place at sunset beach, lit torches and decorated with flowers.On the bride dressed traditional sarongs, and her lead dancer on the beach with music.The bride, in turn, the bride arrives on the cake surrounded by men.Leading the ceremony speech, and the couple exchanged flower necklace tiara and get the marriage certificate on the bark of trees.After their wedding veil covered, and either are in a bungalow, which already served a festive table or transported to the island, where they were also waiting for the champagne and fruit.

Indian wedding ceremony was unusually bright and beautiful - the bride hands painted with henna for a few days before the wedding, and the groom arrives for her colorful clothes and a white horse.The bride is waiting for him in red sari

decorated with numerous bracelets.The ceremony of marriage is conducted for several hours, and in the course of its young to stand barefoot.This bridesmaids hide shoes of the bride and give her trading.

Czechs newlyweds original tests were carried out - before the groom put the bottle and a bundle with a sickle, before the bride - a broom.The groom had to take on a sickle, which implies its future performance, and the bride as a good housewife for a broom.Suite in the Czech Republic showered with rice for a healthy and numerous progeny.And the young Czech ate soup from one plate to the ceremony - to live together in perfect harmony.

German wedding ceremony begins with the beating of dishes in front of house of the bride.It is believed that the crackling noise and drive away evil spirits, well, ends the tradition, of course, cleaning, and which involves the bride and groom.Also young showered lentils and beans - a symbol of the numerous offspring.And fun ritual, part of the wedding ceremony - a trip to the five carts, which placed the bride's dowry, including a double bed.The bride rides in carts sitting on this very bed on pillows and feather beds.On the wedding day the Germans also planted rose tree or a rosebush, as a sign of strong romantic love.

In Italy, on the wedding day the bride hiding and groom have to overcome obstacles, to find a loved one or to pay a ransom.The bride and groom are trying to protect themselves from evil spirits - he puts it in his pocket a piece of iron, and she wears a veil and dress any gold jewelry, except for a wedding ring.Also, after the wedding, the newly-made husband brings his wife into the house on his hands, because if a woman comes to the threshold, difficulties in family life no end.

French bride, too, hiding from the groom.When he finally gets into the house, his output of different girls, among whom he must find his beloved.The bride should not show their joy at the wedding of her duty to resist and cry for a farewell to their native home.For the same reason the bride must make an attempt to escape on the way to the church, its persistence in this case is directly linked with virtue.On the French wedding the most fun moments are stealing shoes and garter of the bride.The bride is not opposed to the thief, as though she colluded with him, and the groom has to pay off the wine.

Spanish bride poured syrup to a joint life was sweet.During the wedding at the church the bride groom sends thirty gold coins, which should be kept for life and spend only in extreme cases.There is a tradition of collecting donations from the villagers, even those who are not invited to the wedding.There are unpleasant moment - after the feast young people pursuing the bride and groom to the wedding night did not take place, in this place the night a young couple kept a secret.

As you can see, each country has its own traditional ceremonies wedding ceremonies, and you may want to touch them.

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