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Signs of a wedding dress

Psychologists recommend that brides do not get hung up on these beliefs and Nestroy triumph only by old rules, just relax ipoluchayte pleasure from the process.

take about wedding dress

If you think about it carefully and learn more will then soon vypoymete that some of them contradict each other, they often kasayutsyakak dresses and veils, shoes and so on.

  1. first sign reads: wedding dress can not be rented, and then take your rental.Primetaosnovyvaetsya on what clothes takes over the power of his master and hranitee.If you wear a wedding dress with a "bad energy", the bride may feel plohosebya.
  2. old sign says vnaryade bride must be present something borrowed.In the old vremenamat bride gave her a handkerchief, which is embroidered with his own.Embroidered on a special symbolism that protects it.This handkerchief was made to wipe the tears of happiness!Ochenchasto this thing passed on from generation to generation.
    Nowadays bride take something from friends, brooches, earrings, studs or eschecht
    o something, but it would be better if it's a family heirloom.
  3. According angliyskoytraditsii at the wedding of a girl must be something new, something old, something borrowed and togoluboe.The first and second connection point represent the bride with eesemey, wisdom and peace in the new family.Borrow remind that close Ydrousa always willing to help.The blue color symbolizes loyalty, modesty ilyubov.
  4. believed that tsvetaplatya depends on the future life of the spouses.Strongly recommended odevatchto or yellow, otherwise you will attract the conflicts in the family.Red make soyuzvzdornym and explosive.The presence of red elements in the dress or bouquet - naoborotblagopriyatnoe influences.The ideal color for a wedding dress is considered white, onsimvoliziruet tenderness, innocence, prosperity.
  5. When choosing engagement rings, beware of those kotoryeimeyut embossed surfaces and stones, pearls.The people believed that zhemchugspodvigaet memories and lives with her husband is better to start with a clean slate.
  6. better to choose svadebnoeplate without laces and weaves, as they symbolize a life full of failures and setbacks, tangled situations.
  7. Everyone obladaetsvoey energy, someone she really positive and bright, as someone who has power of negativity, which brings around a otritsatelnyeemotsii, it is believed that we should beware of such people and do so concerned Onin wedding attire of the bride andleft thereon svoyuotritsatelnuyu energy.
  8. Fata after svadbydolzhna be his wife, and in any case can not give her friends ilirodstvennitsam, especially those who are going to come out of the veil in ocherednoyraz married.
  9. skorotkoy Wedding Dress short skirt symbolizing marriage.Vybiratdlinnoe desirable piece dress, it symbolizes a long and happy married life, aeto exactly what we want.
  10. If during torzhestvasvadebnoe dress torn, it is expected that your mother in law will zloy.Esli flew button, be sure to sew her two stitches, so obrazomv connect themselves with the spouse.
  11. Before triumph Despite the mirror and do not show on the groom's eyes - it's a bad omen.
  12. posleprimerki Wedding Dress can be worn only on the day of the wedding, had not rekomenduetsyademonstrirovat his girlfriend and pacing it at home, because svadebnoeplate put, it means to get married, if you make it in advance, the wedding may be invalid.
  13. nadotolko Dress dress over her head.If there are dress buttons, they should bytchetnoe number.
  14. at the hem svadebnogoplatya it is necessary to attach a safety pin, head down, to keep the evil eye sebyaot.
  15. Blue thread iznutriplatya make a few stitches, so you will save yourself energy otnegativnoy people.According to an old
  16. take if the dress sewn leaves of lovage, the spouse for life will love iberech his wife, wearing her in his arms and surround their attention and care.If
  17. girl vyhodyazamuzh already pregnant belly is necessary to tie a wide red ribbon and only potomodevat dress.Thus you will save your baby from zavistlivyhvzglyadov and the evil eye.
  18. pink wedding platesulit future spouses long love.White wedding dress - the symbol BozheyBlagodati, loyalty, integrity.
  19. If you want privlechk his family money, choose a dress with golden elements.
  20. Adverse tsvetadlya wedding dress - gray, blue, yellow, red, blue.

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