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Vintage wedding omens and superstitions

What is the signs?The sign - an event once occurred to someone that was understood by his contemporaries, but eventually lost its original meaning.Over time, it turned into warnings, sermons and prohibition.Most of the vintage wedding will and superstitions aims to protect the union of two loving hearts, which is considered sacred absolutely all the peoples of our planet.

For example, if the morning of the wedding day for the bride and groom or their families attacked sneeze, it fortunately.Also, rain or snow, which began on the day of the wedding, the young promises of happiness and wealth.

to a happy marriage, the bride before the wedding, it is recommended to put a pillow under the small mirror, and a nightgown to wear the wrong side up.

Who was the first of the young foot on the towel in the registry office, spread out witnessing, he will be the head of the family.

If, during a ceremony at the registry office a young combed left hand - be it a rich, if the right - her new home is always full of


young prohibited to wear on your hands any decorations.They need to decorate a wedding ring - smooth, without stones and cuts to life Suite was smooth, without any difficulties and troubles.

Vintage wedding omens and superstitions dress young to be white, and it is desirable not to sell but to keep throughout the marriage.

Before entering the house the young have to smash a plate, and in the registry office - a glass of champagne is drunk wedding.This action should bring happiness and prosperity to the house of the newlyweds.

The new home of the bride must bring a young husband in her arms.If the young will live in the house of the groom, the father and mother met at the gate Suite.Her father has to give the bride a glass of wine or beer, and mother in law put zapazuhu bride cake and throw hops feet."Hid" the bride and groom should eat cake equally before the wedding table, wine or beer - drinking in half.All this is done so that children lived all his life in love, wealth and harmony.

before the meal, after the ceremony at the registry office, the most respected man in the family spends three young around the holiday table to symbolize the eternal spiritual bond between husband and wife.

to house young always had money and they lived in abundance, in their shoes lay the seeds, and when you exit the registrar showered with rice or wheat, rose petals, hop (to have fun and live in harmony), candy, coins.

On the wedding day the bride is required to cry, to be married, she was happy.

pillows on the bed Suite pillowcases placed slits in the direction of each other to the bride and groom throughout life lived together, okay.

you exit the registrar (the church), the bride has to turn his back on all unmarried girls invited to the wedding, and throw over the head of a bouquet of flowers.The girl who catches the flowers will soon be married.The groom is throwing aside their unmarried friends unlinked SOME_STRUCTURE garter bride.The guy who caught the garter, will soon marry.If you want to quickly get married, you will touch to wedding rings young.

The best days for the wedding (wedding) found Saturday and Sunday, and the best time of the day - afternoon.

not assign wedding for 13 guests.It also includes such bad luck: uronennoe engagement ring, a broken mirror, lost gloves, put on a wedding dress through the legs.Try not to enter into a puddle.

young can not be at the wedding photographed separately, you can not try to give her an engagement ring to anyone else.You can not wear a wedding sandals and jewels (allowed only jewelry), do not wear pearls - to tears.At the table, try to be careful, try not to spill anything.There is a very old sign: during a party the couple have to twist your feet or put a foot on the leg - to family life between them ran a black cat.For the same young must sit as close as possible to each other.

Do not let the wedding of her friends to wash the dishes (though this will staff).

Vintage wedding omens and superstitions There are many old beliefs and superstitions, as the young need to behave during the wedding ceremony.Here are some of them:

1. The bride and groom when they are brought to the church porch, should take up the bracket and say: "Let all our sorrows and illness will not go with us to the altar, and will remain on you, iron bracket".The people believed that the iron bracket attracts the bad, giving the newlyweds a bright future.

2. When young wore crowns, and the priest says: "The servant of God is crowned by a certain" that the bride had to cross himself and softly say, "I, the servant of God (name) is crowned, but my illnesses not."

3. Do any of newlyweds during the wedding candle rather rotten, the first to leave life.

4. bride and groom during the wedding ceremony is prohibited to look towards each other, and if you still glanced (especially - in the eyes) - they did not love each other or someone commits infidelity in marriage.

Guests can not give the newlyweds the following items: red roses, forks, spoons, knives, underwear.You can not come to the wedding dressed in black, cross the road the young, when they go to the registry office or church.If you see a wedding procession in the streets - rather grab the button - for good luck.

Do not forget to take a lot and keep them all is impossible.Remember, the most important sign of the wedding - if the bride and groom's eyes shine with a quiet fire of happiness when their faces are turned to love each other and everything around lit a warm light of love, then it thankfully, and no signs of that fact will not be a hindrance.