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Purple Wedding: the most mysterious shade

value lilac in psychology

Purple refers to varieties of purple, but it contains notes of pink.For the bride, he is attractive due to its mystique.On the one hand, lightweight and translucent, it helps to create a gentle atmosphere, more saturated color - a solemn and sublime.Purple symbolizes romance and gloss.Girls who prefer the shade, confident and a little critical of others.They are important to the impression which they produce.Purple wedding usually thought to the last detail and is the height of perfection.

combinations of colors for purple wedding

purple varies according to the degree of saturation.Semi-soft colors perfectly harmonize with the pastel shades: white, pink beige and pistachio.This range is ideal for the summer on the nature of the ceremony.

deeper purple tone for festive evening events.It can serve as a background, which will be relevant bright accents: yellow, orange, brown and gray.If you want to have the wedding guests create a sense of ease, choose a neutral backgrou

nd and purple make flower arrangements and other decorations.

If you want to create a warm atmosphere, the red underline notes purple, cold - add to it a blue or blue.

for luxury royal wedding perfect combination of purple with gold or silver.

Design purple wedding

If you have decided on the basic color combinations, it's time to take design.Vivid purple, perfect for small parts, for example, invitations, menus, decor on the chairs, flowers, but a pastel shade - for larger items: tablecloths, draperies, slipcovers for furniture.


If you want to create a luxury invitations, you should not do them monochrome.Austere and elegant looks dark purple in combination with white and black.Avoid overly pretentious elements, everything has to be simple and elegant.

cards look more elegant, where the background is decorated in golden beige or silver.You can afford floral patterns or volume applications.

Flower arrangements Flower arrangements

give us an excellent opportunity to emphasize the purple.You can use a soft lilac or lavender, which will harmonize the usual cornflowers.Brighter composition derived from orchids of different shades of mauve and purple, as well as roses.

unusual dishes

Imagination guests can hit the unusual color menu.Book original cupcakes delicate lilac or make bright floral accents on plain white.To be diluted with a little color blotches pistachio suit and salmon.

Colored also be cocktails and wedding cake.

Hall decoration

We already wrote that looks unusual purple cloth, as long as the color is not too dark.It set off white dishes and napkins to match.

If the table is covered with purple, you should not choose the cases of the same color, it is best to tie up their bows and beautiful story of Violet flower balls.

often used in the design of wedding balloons.Try to conventional bulbs, in various shades of purple palette or order large white Chinese lanterns with floral pattern.


special role in the design of purple wedding can play light.Small colored lights, spaced around the perimeter of the hall, will give a soft glow that will paint all around.

wedding bouquet

purple often found in nature.For the bride's bouquet, you can choose colors like lilac, hydrangea, lavender, hyacinths, roses, tulips, chrysanthemums, dendrobium orchids.

Luxury lilac bouquets obtained from Vanda orchids.They are advantageous to look on their own or in combination with hydrangeas, roses or dratsenu.Unusual combination obtained from the purple carnations and white orchids.

of spherical hydrangeas are obtained lush romantic bouquets.

refined natures like bouquets of wildflowers, which will play the first violin lavender or violet.Brightness compositions give cornflowers and green.

Wedding Dress

choosing purple wedding dress, be guided by your type of appearance.Saturated color tone suitable brown-eyed and dark-skinned brunettes, but blondes with fair skin is better to buy a dress gentle tone: it will make them more tender.Red-haired is not necessary to order the toilet purple better confine the individual elements on a white dress and accessories.

most successful in muted purple dress looking straight in the Greek style, made of chiffon or silk.The skirt can be pleated.

equally well with dresses layered organza skirts.When driving the dress color vibrates and it looks magical.

lilac dress does not need intensive accessories, but it can always be supplemented with slippers and ornaments saturated purple or violet.

If purple is too bright for you, then pay attention to white and purple dresses.They can be combined: the top one tone, and the bottom of another, or have a contrasting decor: ruffles, waist, embroidery and so on. N.

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