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Wedding in blue tones: heavenly celebration

We select your own color

There are many shades of blue: ice-blue, ash-blue, sky-blue, gray-blue, turquoise, sapphire and others. Consider the most popular options for the wedding.

powdery blue.This pastel tone is perfect for weddings.He is gentle and soft at the same time very refined.

This season, gray-blue created a furore in wedding fashion.Delicate and romantic, delicate and elegant - it will be a perfect backdrop against which to place easily bright accents.

Blue from "Tiffany."The famous company "Tiffany" pack their precious items in charming boxes unique blue hue.This color - one of the most popular for decoration of the wedding.He is bright, juicy, cheerful and fresh.In addition, the shade is easy to combine with any pastel colors.The most noble composition - "Tiffany" and pearly white.

Celadon.This color - a mixture of blue and green.It is perfect for spring and summer weddings, as the sun shines and vibrates aquamarine.In winter, with a combination of azure, white and silver, you can

create the perfect ice kingdom.

What to combine the blue?

The way you have thought the wedding color composition depends on the mood of the audience.Even a perfect blue can ruin the wrong neighborhood.Thinking color theme wedding, proceed from the main vivid detail: flowers in your bouquet, bride or the groom's suit.

If you're dreaming of a classic luxury celebration, choose a neutral background: ivory, cream, gray, silver, or milky white and arranged with the help of the azure shades or royal blue.The background can also serve in heaven.For spring and summer weddings perfect combination of blue with sun-yellow or powdery pink.However, it should be remembered that with the cold shades is important not to overdo it.

what combinations are best avoided?

no circumstances shades of blue should not coexist with bright neon tones such as deep pink, green, fuchsia, acid yellow.

Design blue wedding

So, we've already talked about that with the cool shades can not overdo it, and that's interesting and memorable parts of intense color will delight the eyes of guests and remember.

Commemorative souvenirs - a great way to say thank guests for what they shared with you the happiest day in my life.Make a small box of chocolates, silk bags with magnets or postcards bright blue shade.Let the color in common with other wedding accessories: nursery cards, invitations, the menu.

The easiest way to enter a bright accent color - order the corresponding floral arrangements.Select the desired shade of a flower.This can be lavender, hydrangea, cornflower or hyacinth.They can easily be diluted with white or cream-colored roses.Arrange the small composition on the table, repeat the same theme when you make a presidium.If you want to enhance the color, then make a soft blue tablecloths, chair covers and bows.


Centre composite colors of the wedding and can be the bride's bouquet.Embodiments thereof sets: everything depends on your desire and overall style.

If you decide to arrange a wedding in nature in the style of Provence, it will look lovely bouquet of wildflowers in which the leading violin will perform bright cornflower.He must be present in the groom's boutonniere.

to more traditional events fit the classic composition of white or cream-colored roses with the addition of lavender or hyacinth.

elegant bride prefer refined and unusual Cullen.Their long stems are easy to wrap a bright blue ribbon.

Do not forget about the flowers for the bridesmaids.Cute and practical option - blue flower bracelets.

Wedding Dress

heavenly color - great for a wedding dress.It may be ice-blue and decorated with sparkling rhinestones, pale lavender or blue ash-covered veil of white lace.This outfit will look very gently, in addition, the color will emphasize youth and freshness of the bride.

fans of the classic white dress too, should not be discouraged.Ball ruled parts: a bright belt, gloves, barrette in her hair and a necklace of turquoise, royal blue or color "Tiffany" immediately attract attention.A single word is said about the shoes.A well-chosen blue shoes will highlight the image (remember the wedding of Carrie from "Sex and the City").The most piquant detail dress bride - a garter, why would not it be navy blue.

Suit groom

Usually, brides prefer the classic shades - black or dark brown.But, for example, for beach weddings or events with a maritime theme, you can choose a suit turquoise or aqua.

If there is a blue dress of the bride, it is worth repeating, and in a suit the groom.The easiest way to do this using the appropriate accessory cravat or tie, vest or belt.

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