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Ideas for decorating wedding album

work on the wedding album

Creating a wedding album - employment difficult, but pleasant.Remember that you are creating a family heirloom that will stay with you for life.If the idea does not come to mind, and the photos are in the third month of the envelope, then follow our plan:

  1. Do not hold it alone.
    When you first see the wedding photos stunning impression.Call assistant mother, sister or girlfriend that they help select the best shots.Search assistant carefully - your tastes should be similar.

  2. Choose wisely.
    Arm colored markers or washed off with bright stickers.For each group of pictures, choose your color and start sorting.
  3. Decide what album you want.
    There are many varieties of wedding album.You can choose the classic matte photo book of the highest quality.A more sophisticated option - album pages with silk in the Japanese style.The album made with his own hands, makes it possible to show imagination.
  4. Do not rush.
    On average, selection of photos and creation of the album takes 6 mo
    nths.Do not rush and do the job in a hurry.However, try to fix their ideas on the album right after the celebration: they are very bright.
  5. Tell your story
    Imagine you illyustriruete book in which there is no text - the whole plot has to keep in mind.Are you sure you do not miss important details?Without a doubt, stunning pictures of bride and groom found, what about:
    • parents?
    • brothers and sisters?
    • close friends?
    • loved ones?

    mixing pictures of things and people, and do not forget to vary the images themselves.Modern couples prefer reportage shots, however, in the album to be a couple of staging (official) images.Mix black and white sepia tone and color saturation of the frame will give your album more dynamic.Photographers believe that the optimal ratio of 1: 3.
  6. Do not forget about the details.
    There are things that can give you the product of depth and originality.Here they are:
    • floral inserts;

    • wishes;
    • photos of dishes and design of the hall.
  7. Here come the critical moment, when you are out of the individual fragments will create a surround puzzle.We advise you to spread out photos on a large table in groups so that they could shift.Remember, you are telling a story.The easiest way to create an album in chronological order.

Another important detail - the transitions from one section to another.A great way to make your "story in pictures" a dynamic and consistent - the so-called "intermediate" photos.For example: a picture of the outgoing couple - great transition from the "Registration" section to the "banquet".

Do not be afraid to experiment with the size.Let one page of the album will be entirely filled with a huge portrait of the newlyweds, but another fit a kaleidoscope of small images of smiling guests.Now, it's time to talk about the design of a wedding album.

Making wedding album

If you decide to arrange the album on their own, the stores offers three types:

  • book with thick pages that are using double-sided tape or stickers can be stuck pictures and decor;
  • album with magnetic sheets: photos are placed on the page and are sealed with a transparent film;
  • album with plastic "files" for inserting in them the pictures.

    You can also create a wedding album scrapbooking technique.Depending on your preference, you can choose from the following stylistic album:

  • Classic.It is dominated by classic wedding colors: white, ivory, pearl pink.The markings shall be beautiful Gothic script with gold or silver paint in the art stamping.Cover satin or silk.Sleek and elegant decor.

  • alternative.Interesting idea - the album in the spirit of minimalism with a wooden cover and (or) pages.Suitable if the wedding was in a country style.

  • Chebbi-chic.Style Chebbi involves the use of materials with the effect of artificial aging, pastel shades, additional elements in the form of ribbons, decorative hearts and so on. D.

  • Vintage.Wedding Album album can remind our grandmothers and great-grandmothers: yellow pages, black-and-white photographs, signatures, made calligraphic handwriting.

    On one page, you can draw a family tree.

  • eclectic.Can combine different colors, textures, styles inscriptions.The form and nature of the photographs - any.The main thing that is looked organically.

wedding album scrapbooking

Wedding Albums in scrapbooking techniques are gaining in popularity.They are easy to make with your own hands, most importantly, to have quality materials and detailed instructions.


To create an album need special large ring binder, thick cardboard, wrapping and decorative paper punch, pencil, ruler, scissors, double sided tape, stencils of letters and decorative objects.You must select a color for the main pages: there may be several.Additionally, you will need to trim the paper.To make the volume label of kardstoka cut letters and stick to double sided tape.

great idea - a small envelope on the last page - to memorable details and photos.

Instructions manufacturing

  1. first cut framework for the pages, they can be square or rectangular.
  2. obkleyte cardboard colored paper, pay attention to the corners.On the reverse side of the sheet, we attach bright kardstoka.
  3. 're done hole punch and string them into rings.

frame for the album is ready and can be filled with photographs and decorate.


Each book begins with a title page when you open the cover, then get right to it.The viewer should feel right style of your wedding album.Since this is the only single-sheet is appropriate to make an inscription, for example, the names of the bride and groom, the wedding date.You can pick up a beautiful epigraph.For example: "Love - the only passion, not recognized by any past or future," Balzac.It also placed a portrait of the newlyweds.It can be a photo from a wedding, engagement or just your favorite picture.

remaining pages are usually double.Remember that they are "read" as a whole, therefore, must be the same color on the design and event-fullness.

Leading issue

Select to lead the theme of the album, it is not necessarily the same color or type of paper for each turn.Best of all, if one is style photographs.

chronological organization

The sequence of events makes it easy to organize the album.Do not try that in each section the number of shots was the same.Do not forget about signatures, including poetry.On the wedding poems can be read here.Despite the fact that the pictures speak for themselves, there are things they are not able to tell, so do not skimp on the signature.

Here are the main points that should be given a place in the wedding album:

  • relations before marriage.Put a couple of shots with your dates (do not forget to specify a date), images of favorite places.
  • history of engagement.In the form of profiles, specify when and how the proposal was made?a ring presented to the groom?he asked the parents of your hand?Great idea - to share this page in two and submit your and his view of the event.
  • purchasing fee.Well, if you have pictures, if not, make a list of shops where visitors come, get the image of those outfits that tried on.

  • Preparations for the wedding.On the pages of this section, you can paste all your notes and plans, seating plan offers, invitations and so on. N.

  • force majeure.Extreme in preparation for the wedding happen at all.Mention them in an album and escort funny comments, clippings from magazines, photographs.After many years, they will make you smile.
  • wedding day.Without a doubt, you will have excellent professional photography, but also use snapshots, because they are "alive."

  • honeymoon.At least one page should be paid to the continuation of the wedding - the honeymoon.Do not forget to mention where he was, and had been brought to glue card.

  • Last page.On the last page, place your bridal portrait taken by a professional photographer.Do not forget the words, such as: "This is just the beginning."Thus, the beginning and the end of the album will overlap.

We hope that the proposed design ideas wedding album will be useful, and you will create a wedding book - a unique and magical.