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Selection of the best greetings and wishes for the wedding anniversary

If the bride and groom have lived for 10 years, such a marriage is considered to be pink or tin.The 20th anniversary is called porcelain and 20th - pearl.These special days are waiting for young relatives nice words and warm wishes.We are ready to offer you a poetic and prose congratulations.

Congratulations on china and satin wedding

Twenty years after the marriage is celebrated porcelain wedding.This is probably the most refined anniversary, because the relationship between the spouses are similar to fine Chinese porcelain.Special attention is paid to children.They are not adults but not kids, they value family relationships and pleasure to congratulate the parents.


Let raced for many years since then,
When you first met each other,
When the wedding blared until dawn,
And they called you - spouses.

Thank you that I have in the world,
your fruit of love - beautiful, bright, clean.
Let the earth flying about happiness
message and is reflected in the eyes radiant.

Dear parents, with t

he anniversary of the wedding
I look and see if reality:
Daddy dressed, my mother wearing a white dress,
The result: the world I live with you.


excellent reasons
compose a laudatory poem
Because today is the anniversary of my

deserve, dear,
you a huge medal
«For diligence unearthly
to the preservation of marriage."Steel

your union, and not otherwise.
relationship - diamond.
I owe that not paid.
Son to be - extremely happy!

As I am proud, native,
And always take an example!
stay young,
Do not be sad ever!


Twenty years ago, got married,
Twenty years - a happy family!There
car, apartment, manor house there,
children you have, and have friends!

Let continue to be all right:
Full cup will let your home,
and the family are all in your will be smooth,
And love is burning in the hearts of fire!


24 anniversary - Satin wedding.This is not a round number, so celebrated in the family circle.Nevertheless, we offer congratulations to the original satin wedding.


Your love keeps you young,
eyes bright light does not fade;
I remember you always just so,
When a soul darling remove the lock.

you with wedding anniversary congratulations
and want to wish for many years,
To live you, inspiring each other,
and I opened your secret magic.


Congratulations pearl wedding

the Pearl wedding decided to give pearl jewelry.Congratulations should also be precious.


gathered today for a magnificent table,
that good and warm words to say to you,
Let it be your home full cup,
God forbid you do not grieve, and not faint.

with pearl wedding congratulate you,
good health and happiness we wish,
Live in the world, parents, a hundred years before,
May God protects you always.


often organize the celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of my parents.We suggest to read the greetings from the children in the pearl wedding.


30 years live together, dear parents,
all obstacles of family you come out victorious,
the table was a huge family,
immediately obvious - you generously rewarded fate.

Let your life flows like a river,
Among the reliable and durable shores,
Let your way lights,
bright star called love


Dear parents, you have a holiday today,
Pearl wedding anniversary,
bow to youLow and gratitude,
wish only happy, happy days.

Let you luck smiles,
Let life flowing river honeys,
let you delight children and grandchildren,
Stay stored destiny.

30 years passed quickly, imperceptibly,
For grandchildren congratulate you,
Let the luck accompanies you certainly,
Let each meeting with you will be happy.

Dear parents, we take an example from you,
you as a constellation of good for us,
hope, faith and love was always with you,
Therefore, strong and united our family.


wishes for their golden wedding

golden, fifty, anniversary, family life is celebrated widely and solemnly enough.Newlyweds repeated the oath and give each other a new ring, while the old become a family heirloom.To the couple feel young again, give them a fun and original greeting.



Golden Wedding!It - class!
grandparents - hurray!
young, slender, and near you
Squealing children growing up.

unit cases, as before, untouched,
And from nepokoya - Grace:
Feed all granddaughters and grandsons,
They start in life to give more!

Grandmother teach to read, play;
master, walk, sing with us, my grandfather ...
Kohl during his life, you are in heaven,
the ends of love and happiness - not !!!


Hot Carnations and tests


you Gold, mother-in-law with the father -
Fifty years of living together,
A "grannies" to "dedulki" instead
young bride, the bride!

The fate of all was your -
bent life and mercilessly beaten,
Hurricanes happened, stranded ...
you managed to save the love!

So you still live together
years in the health and happiness of two hundred
whole kin and to the delight of the children!
your wedding we age, we note !!!


twenty-five and twenty-five -
golden miracle.What a pleasure to congratulate

two people happy.

How nice update
Rings gold.
And of course, to repeat:
Peace to you, dear ones!

And, of course, heat,
altogether - health,
to life was always
complete love.

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