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Gifts for the wedding - tips

Gift Ideas for wedding

To get started is to say that in any case you should not do:

  • Give linens, dishes and household items, if you are not asked specifically about them.Tastes are different, especially when people belong to different generations.There is a risk that the couple never take advantage of your sets or set of plates.Moreover, does not present something that does not need to own.
  • peredarivat things - the wedding will always be the one who gave you this particular vase.
  • Give gifts with price tags.It is no comment.
  • Give very intimate items: underwear and t. N. The bridesmaids can buy her robe, but to give him better during the bachelorette party.
  • come empty-handed.

Gifts from parents and relatives

most valuable and expensive gifts teaches parents.Firstly, it can be a large sum of money, they are always welcome and appropriate.Secondly, the parents always know exactly what the apartment is not young, and can select the appropriate appliances.High-quality washing machine, a good TV o

r a new stove exactly delight the bride and groom.The third option - especially luxury: parents can teach an apartment or a car.Such gifts are usually warned in advance.The car you can buy a purse with the closest relatives.

Do not forget about the romance and tradition.It's great if the family there are things that are inherited: silverware, jewelry and so on. N. At the wedding of the eldest members of the clan (grandmother or great-grandmother) will give them to be deposited in a new family.

Gifts from friends

again return to what money remains the best option present.Many people think that "envelope" - is banal.It should be interesting to try to issue bills, to accompany the act of giving some original greeting, song or dance.Read more about how to give the money you can read here.

friends of the bride trying to find something romantic and memorable.Here are 5 ideas of the best gifts:

  • Portrait newlyweds printed on canvas.Excellent decoration living room will also have a large collage of photos of young figures, carved in wood or made of other materials.

  • chest for good memories.Buy or order a beautiful chest, in which young people can add to their family memorabilia little things.

  • Book family.Pleasant and unusual gift would be a book designed to keep a history of sorts.On its pages you can draw a family tree, sticking photos, and so on. N. This souvenir can become a landmark and passed on from generation to generation.
  • Certificates at the SPA for two.Let the bride and groom after the tedious preparations for the wedding of a soothing treatment.In place of the young can expect a surprise from his friends: a bottle of champagne and chocolate with their photos and good wishes on the label.
  • surprise gift.Three friends always know what the bride dreams and are ready to carry out her dream.For example, to present the newlyweds shared ballooning, skydiving and horseback riding.

groomsmen, wanting to defuse the situation may find humorous gifts, here are the most interesting.

Pila tight rein.As you have seen, I saw the young wife goes to at every opportunity could cut hubby, well tight rein - husband tried to hold the little wife.Well, then who wins.

shirts with original inscriptions.

Glass piggy bank "Family byudezhet."

Weighty rolling pin for the bride.By the way, all the guests on it and then write your congratulations and best wishes.

cash machine.A very useful gift for men: embeds a plain white paper, and the output is a real bill.

tips how to choose a gift

Here are a few tips to help you decide what to give for a wedding:

  • ask the newlyweds themselves that they want to receive or Ask relatives;
  • just in case, keep checks: whether a little thing have to return to the store;
  • think about packaging: the brighter it is, the more original looks a present;
  • not forget the greeting card and signature;
  • remember about the appropriateness of the offerings;
  • gift made with his own hands - the most touching and memorable.

gift to the groom at the wedding of the bride

Since ancient times in Russia it was decided that the couple gave each other gifts.Bride sewing or embroidering her betrothed pants and shirt, the groom buys jewelry or clothes.Today, unfortunately, these souvenirs of a young money remains.We propose to revive the tradition.

Bride, as before, can produce anything on their own, for example, the monogram embroidered on her husband's shirt.More than a simple task - a collage of photos or joint album in the style of scrapbooking.

From the photos you can also mount the clip love story and show during the wedding feast astonished groom and all the assembled guests.Each wedding anniversary has its own color, and the very celebration is called green.Bride groom can give a small tree "bonsai" or money tree.The second will not only bring to the house of happiness and harmony, and material well-being.Pets can become symbolic charms: Wood and Larry Penaty fused together Yin and Yang, and even a simple horseshoe.

Earlier gift bride groom was designed to demonstrate what she is clever and needlewoman, today in fashion other talents.Teach her friends groovy dance and execute it at the banquet.You can sing a song for a loved one, choose his favorite song (even if it's rap or chanson).Bright final chord can be a huge balloon in the shape of heart.Forever you give your heart to the closest and dearest person in the world.

brides who are not afraid to experiment and want to warm up the bride before the wedding night can give him an album with her naughty photos.Erotic photo session is held in the strictest confidence for a few months before the wedding.Under each photo can be a promise.Tip: since this souvenir too personal, it is not necessary to give it during the celebrations and in the presence of other people.

Gifts bride from the groom

Jewelry remain out of competition, they demonstrate not only the love of beloved, but also a stable financial position of the groom.As a memento of the green emerald wedding always fit, but it is not necessary to choose the pearl, for it is believed that he promises tears.By the way, the wedding dress the bride must also give her future husband.

Who else but lover knows about secret desires of its halves, so the best gift to the bride for the wedding - performances of her dreams.Organize a crisis on a yacht or invite to the concert of her favorite artist, such things are not forgotten.Romantic trip to the beach or the ocean would be an unexpected surprise, especially when the honeymoon was not planned.

The most valuable gifts - feelings that were put into it, so the perfect romantic gesture - to perform a song of his young wife.Let it be her favorite song.For those who do not have any hearing or voice, you can simplify the task and read a poem by the slow music.After that the bride should definitely present a huge bouquet of your favorite flowers and a promise to give them always, with or without.

Faerie gift can be organized with the help of the guests.Book a special company butterflies, let each will be packed into a small box.During the execution of the first dance of young cover opened simultaneously with the bride and groom find themselves in a colorful cloud of light-winged butterflies.

wedding gifts from around the world

If, after reading the article, you have not decided what to give for a wedding, we suggest you to borrow the experience of other countries.

  • In the US, the couple creates a list of unique gifts and leave it in the store.Guests can only come to choose a subject for the soul and pay for it.By the way, the delivery shop organizes its own.
  • Japan fans give money to a young fan and could attract good luck.
  • In Tanzania, the groom presents the bride killed by a lion's skin, hiding her young on their wedding night.
  • In France, the traditional and very welcome gift candy boxes are considered - small boxes with almond candies in sugar.They become the symbol of a sweet and prosperous life.
  • In China, the gift itself or its packaging, shall be red.It was he who, according to popular belief brings wealth and good luck.
  • At weddings in Armenia guests dancing bride wear gold ornaments and put his fingers between banknotes.

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