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Oriental wedding toasts

Kazakh wedding toasts

Kazakh wedding toast hit the listener (especially not too experienced) its scope.The duration of the speech can pass for half an hour.Some even weddings are special awards for best short toast.And of course, everyone should speak (do not forget that Kazakhstan has rarely played the wedding less than 100 people).

Well, cousins, relatives,
today I'll do you.

I will show everyone daughter-
not go without gifts.

Here, the bride, my dear,
in-law sits near you,

You see how many people he gathered
your wedding.

He rode to the edge of the steppe
All your gathered for a wedding.

This day long he waited
And did as dreamed.

sparkling stars on his chest
Bow to him to the ground.

Caucasian wedding toasts

Caucasus is the birthplace of toast, but how different are the representatives of the Caucasian peoples, so do not look like their drinking speech.

Georgian wedding toast Wedding

Georgian toast - epic in miniature.This code of conduct for a young family to love and respect

each other, honor their parents, respect the laws and traditions of the country.Most often found in Georgia prozatcheskie toast-stories, such:

quiet and humble young Georgians to their ears in love with a beautiful woman.In the evenings he would stand for hours at her home, just to catch a glimpse of a pretty girl's heart.One day a woman came out of the house.She looked sternly at him and asked:

- Who are you waiting for, why stand under our doors?
- your daughter - stammering, he said.
- Then you definitely have nothing to stand here, go away!- Said the girl's mother.- You do not fit our daughter.
- Why?- Bewildered man whispered.
- One day, I did not come on a date to his father, when he still cared for me - remember the beginning of a happy mother and wife.
- He made his way into our house through the window, closed the dad in one room, he found me and said: Now we get married!Accordingly, and should be a real man, so must be our future in-law.

let us drink to real men who boldly and aggressively seek marriage lover.And then tenderly care for her whole life, as our bridegroom!


Two luxurious roses will of evil fate were in the desert.There they wandered under the scorching sun in search of healing oasis.When they found him and asked for help, he said, they slyly:

- Well, I can drink you heal, restore its former luxury beauty, but first I want to enjoy your beautiful body ...

One Rose refused such treatment.It dried out after a few days.The second decided to accept and, without hesitation, gave the creek.After that, she blossomed even more magnificent than ever lonely life.

So let us drink to the imperishable union of a man and a woman, who can not live without each other as well as the rose and the stream!For our honeymooners who feed each other a great mutual love!


Armenian toast at a wedding toast

Armenian - a parable.They tell stories about the eternal values ​​of good and evil, and the final parting words the traditional bride and groom.

This belief has it that the parents love - eyes and heart!I raise this glass of for what would be our young hearts were burning, and his eyes were watchful for many, many years.In the eternal capacity to love and have a drink to the dregs!


High in the mountains lived an eagle with eaglets Orlici and small.One day, returning from the hunt, he decided to try his eagle eagle, check whether it brave as to protect the nest, eaglets from strangers.He put on a tiger skin and slowly began to steal up to the nest.The eagle saw creeping into the jack tiger bravely rushed at him.Wah, she pecked him, beat its wings and clawed!And do not even giving time to recover, he dropped to the bottom of a deep ravine.

So let us drink to the brave women and for the fact that no matter what a husband never came home, his wife would always recognize him!



young man fell in love with a girl and decided to marry her.And that, and said: "marry you, if you perform a hundred of my desires."The young man began to fulfill the desire of the girl.First, she made him climb a rock without a single ledge and jump down.The young man jumped off and broke his leg.Then she told him to walk and not limp.The young man and it fulfilled.The next task was to cross the river and soak hands.Then - stop the enraged horse and put him on his knees.Then - cut an apple in her chest, and it does not hurt her ... So, one after another has fulfilled 99 wishes the young man to his beloved.Only one thing.Then the girl and she said, "Forget his father and his mother."Without hesitation, the young man jumped on his horse and was gone.

This toast for you, just married, never forget those who gave you life!For your parents!


Dagestan toast at a wedding toast

Dagestan are concise and poetic, they are often couched in poetic form.


For women who keep our credibility!
When my wife - a good wife,
Believe me - there can be no
My husband better friend than it is.

life Winds whipped repeatedly,
married himself - have long since not the groom.
I believe - the view we all
're not depend on us but on them.


mountaineers proverb is: A handsome man lived,
but have not been, and the rich man of the village laughed often
over his poverty.But he saw and wished somehow
The beauty of this village.

And all the villagers announced,
that made him in their village
not a poor man, and the first person.
mother in tears: "Ah, what a fool in-law to us?»

father shouts, "You reason with daughter!»
But the girl was able to reassure their parents
and married
of this poor man's handsome,

For this beautiful Ahmed.
And it was so: talking to Ahmed godekan
her - she runs forward and chairs
bears and soft pillow.

On godekan will all prepare
and says, "Here sit down, Ahmed!»
And as happened suddenly in the village they have difficulties
il a question,

And people come to her to ask for advice,
Itthey said, "Not me, no, no,
And Ahmed is necessary to take advice.Ask Ahmed.My

at all wise to be able to answer. "
Well, people see his wife
and opinions cherish it, and appreciates,
Since days themselves have become respected

Once the poor guy - Ahmed.
Now, when he went to meet,
villagers pulling the hand first,
A place inferior to peers,

When he came up for anything.
my toast to women - not only in this hour
for you - lovely, lovely, dear!
For that they appreciate us
and raises us in the eyes of others!


Sages say: "So get used to work,
as if you live forever, and all the fruits,
What do you have time to create - palaces and gardens, -
all during the life you yourself useful."

Sages say: "That work is filled,
as if you are standing at the turn of the dying,
And what did today, remember,
Make you never have time already."

a toast, so that good advice
newlyweds lived all these years in a row.
and able to work like this
sage counsel of his talk.


You, my daughter, going to the house of a stranger.
And every home - alone power.
There is only one King has the right to be king
- your husband, your choice.

be obedient to Him.
learn to soften his vices.
clouded face.
And remember, daughter, that that road,
Where to look for the ideal - there is no end.

Tatar wedding toasts

Tatar toast succinct and concise, they embody the wisdom of the people and the sincere wish of well-being.Toast necessarily pronounced with an expression, because it is - a work of art.We provide translations of poems-Tatar wedding toasts.

connected as two nightingale
As you joined?The two became a couple

As you find each other?


only apples to apples on a tree
only leaves.
As the star Venus shining just


As a couple of pigeons cooing,
Live together.You
suitable pair,
never parted in life.