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The palette of lipsticks for blondes

Palette lipstick for daytime makeup

For daytime makeup blondes recommended to choose light shades of lipstick.Very well, if the color of lipstick will coincide with the natural color of the lips.Doing everyday day make-up is necessary to refrain from using bright lipstick shades.Blondes in general can refuse colored lipstick during the day to put the colorless lipstick with shine.Blondes suit gloss and lipstick is very delicate pastel tones.For very light blondes day make-up is recommended the following:

  • purple shades of lipstick;
  • zhёltovatye pinkish shades of lipstick;
  • pale pink shades of lipstick.

Blondes with light eyes (green, blue, gray) suit bright lipstick: coral or pale pink.

blonde with brown hair, blue eyes, gray or beige suitable, golden-pink, pale pink lipstick.

blond woman with gray hair, brown, gray, blue eyes and fair skin is well suited lipstick palette from light coral to pink-beige and pink shades.

palette of lipsticks for evening makeup

For evening make-up blonde cou

ld use a bright palette of lipsticks.However, in any case, color of lipstick for blondes to be less bright than brunettes.Otherwise, the lips are too stand on a light background person interfering in the formation surrounding the holistic image.Moreover, ultra lipstick on blonde looks vulgar and repulsive.The only exception - the blonde with porcelain-white skin.For them, bright red lipstick in the evening make-up would be appropriate.

For evening make-up blondes are ideal:

  • beige and pink shades of lipstick;
  • light shades of coral;
  • pink shades;
  • red shades;
  • purple lipstick;
  • pearly lipstick.

Lip blondes can not be used.Lipstick on the lips is best applied with a brush, and the top layer can be applied to a light lip gloss with glitter lighter shade.

For blond girls with light eyes in the evening is recommended to put on lipstick coral shades.

Ash blonde with dark eyes and fair skin will look naturally saturated lipstick with pink and yellow and pink tones.

Useful tips

With lip gloss and lipstick blondes easily give lips an extra volume without plastics.Thin lips, lipstick painted with glitter, visually increase significantly.If the lips are too thick, they can be visually reduced using matte lipstick.On the contour of the lips, you can walk a flesh-colored lipstick.

When choosing a light matte lipstick shades of gray and beige, stylists recommend blondes highlight eyebrows and make up your eyes brighter.Universal version for blondes of any type - translucent but not pearly shade of lipstick that is suitable to the skin tone: pink and brown lipstick and lipstick wine, berry, coral tones.Win-win, make the lips is very seductive - transparent lip gloss, or gloss with shimmering particles.