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How to make home evening make-up?

Some goddess glamor do the work of a whole army of professionals, as for myself and barbers and stylists and makeup artists.Let's try to learn from them.

Goddess creates curls

curlers and be sure to wash head to help it.Some simple rules to remember, successfully implement and at home, in familiar surroundings.Hair after shampooing feel better if air conditioning rinse them, and then rinse with cool water as much as possible.Blow-drying makes hair more lifeless, so it is better to dry naturally, using towels.Then they go to a better and healthier look.

large volumes, if required, gives the fleece, but it is desirable to use it only for festive occasions.Calmly and methodically, strand by strand, not very dry hair nachёsyvayutsya only at the root, you can use a small amount of mousse.Each strand must be carefully comb and drench at the root of foam.To make use of volume hair, drying hair, dry air, his head bowed down.Uncomfortable, but the beauty demands victims.

Only then carefully combed the

strands screwed onto the thick rollers and passing the tips of grease mousse, avoiding the gluing and sticking together.It's great if time allows you to dry your hair without the use of hot air, but simply at room temperature.If not - drying to finish with a cold regime.

another option.You can, drying each strand towel and nachёsyvaya immediately lubricate it necessary to clamp, foam or mousse.In this case, we do not use hair dryer while we get a great result.But provided that the hair dry completely, otherwise all efforts will be totally in vain, and just hang strands.

can get home without curls curlers, but only with special clamps and hand waving.This option gives you the opportunity to live the magnificent curls are not subjected to mechanical stress.

How to make home evening make-up? Goddess doing make-up and manicure

In the evening make up the lion's share of attention is paid to his lips.While preparing the hair after your previous efforts to appear in all its glory and banal dry, you can build prigolubit hands and charmingly entailing makeup.Matt and smoothness of the skin faces is achieved by using a large brush, occasionally dipping into a compact powder.Cheeks shaded pink blush that gently, but gradually, incrementally, applied towards the ears.

for evening pores good use trёhsostavnye shade varying degrees of saturation (darker tone, light, very light), better gray-green color scheme:

- medium shade pervades the upper eyelid moving, and can be even higher;

-nachinaya the contour of the lower eyelashes, inner corners of the eyes, a lighter shade under the brow begins to live arcs;

-vdol contour of the upper eyelashes makes his way darkest shade;

feather -for use a very light tone, placing it in the middle of each century and carefully distributed.

black ink traditionally applied twice, letting it dry after the first half.That black mascara longer suitable for evening makeup.

So, lips should be a work of art.For this, first, as carefully and patiently, maroon outline with a pencil line derive precisely on natural borders, without distorting it.

This diligence will provide an opportunity to smooth wrinkles and possible irregularities and refresh the natural contour.Lipstick is brushed cautious small strokes, completely covering outlined above circuit.Hygienic sticks with cotton tamponchiki help remove what may be superfluous.The middle of the lower lip mark a shining luster.

full, as required by fashion, sensual, attracting to his lips decorated with bright lipstick, do not tolerate competition such as nail polish.Therefore, choose a tint tone, not too eye-gaze.

How to make home evening make-up? Final touches, and the goddess sent out

These strokes relate finalizing hairstyle with flowing tresses rather than the choice of evening attire.Releasing hair curlers from captivity and clamps, you can create hairstyles on the planned way before.Curls must be rigid and keep the form that they were given.Dry stranded strands with your fingers need to be divided into several pryadok-curls.Clamps help fix them on his head and towards the temporal side, but some can be lowered to the face.Their number depends on the shape of the face and the desire to show-up in a more open form.Initially fix the Nail curls that at the gala evening not to be disappointed if the haircut will start to lose its kind conceived.

described embodiments preparation for the evening should convince you that you need to possess basic techniques to bring itself in a solemn expression to use them at any time and for any reason without leaving home and without spending money on salons.

And though the work was exhausting, and sometimes unbearable, but the effect of their own appearance among the enthusiastic crowd redeem everything.

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